Animal Crossing New Horizons: PAX East 2020 gameplay, new items, museum & more!

PAX East 2020 is now in full swing, and the event has given us a generous helping of fresh Animal Crossing: New Horizons information thanks to the fact that a playable demo has been available on the show floor.

It has been so long since an Animal Crossing game came out that the fans and players are desperate for that 20 March 2020 release date to roll around.

What did we learn from the gameplay? Keep reading to find out!

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Island living is a totally new take on the Animal Crossing experience, so what can players expect?



animal crossing new horizons screenshot na website blathers
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BLATHERS: The owl wants more items!


We already know that Blathers and the museum will be making their way to your island, but there is a little extra info about it.

You will need at least 15 items before Blathers will officially open the museum for you!

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It means you won't be looking at a mostly empty room at least, but it does mean you'll want to get collecting items right away.

New store items

Kicks the Skunk now sells bags and other accessories, as well as shoes. In this off-screen photo shared on Reddit, we can see that Kicks stocks items like messenger bags, backpacks, purses, aerobics leggings, and more.

animal crossing new horizons Kicks the Skunk items
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BIG SPENDER: Which one do you want?


Camera change

By clicking the right-hand analogue stick, you can get a more extreme top-down view of the action. This is similar to how it was on the GameCube all those years ago.

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There is still three weeks until you can get your hands on the game at home, but at PAX East fans got a sneak peak of New Horizons, and it looks just as amazing as we hoped.

Take a look!