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Animal Crossing New Horizons: New trailers show off island life

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is sailing into our lives on the 20th March, but for many of us the wait is too long. Island life is calling and we want to set sail!

There has been a variety of new updates to whet your appetite in anticipation of the new Animal Crossing title.

Nintendo, as well as the Animal Crossing fanbase, have released new trailers and also the ability to create your own boarding pass and passport in preparation for your dream getaway.

Here is a breakdown of the latest and most exciting Animal Crossing news and updates to prepare you for island life.

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Boarding pass and passport

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BOARDING PASS: Travel in style with these nifty boarding passes.


Many Animal Crossing fans are itching to get new Animal Crossing action, and one superfan in particular has gone one step further in the form of dodoairlines.

A fan-created site that lets you create your very own personalised boarding pass and passport.

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What better way to prepare for island life and relieve the Animal Crossing cravings than to create your own boarding pass and passport?

To make your own boarding pass all you have to do is insert your passenger name, departure location, departure abbreviation and seat number, then you're ready to set sail.

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PASSPORT: Show off to other villagers with these fantastic passports.


However, if that doesn't satisfy your appetite and you are wanting to go all out, you can also create your very own passport to use for your travels.

To make your own Animal Crossing passport you first choose which character and characteristics best represent yourself and the stamps you want on your passport.

Then you fill in the passenger name, friend code, and island name and you are all set.

At first, this may seem like a pointless endeavor, but plenty of Animal Crossing fans are already showing off their boarding passes and passport on social media, so why not join in and meet future islanders?

New Trailers

When it comes to Animal Crossing news, Japan is usually at the forefront of all the latest announcements and sneak peeks and boy have they delivered this time!


Nintendo Japan have released two brand new TV spots, and although they are short they release some never before seen gameplay.

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The first trailer below shows a villager making their way to their new island paradise via. Dodo Airlines, setting up camp and fishing, whilst also displaying the beautiful landscapes and seasons in action.

Whereas the second trailer shows off the crafting techniques available, and the new mechanics and features of the game.

The villager is show pole vaulting across sections of the island, crafting items, digging for materials and catching bugs.


These short gameplay previews are highly exciting because we finally get to see more of the new mechanics and features we have been promised by Nintendo.

Cloud saves

One of the new updates that has upset a lot of fans has been the announcement about cloud saves or in this case, lack thereof.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons looks set to be one of the few Nintendo Switch games that will not support cloud saves.

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THE CLOUD: A handy way to secure your save data.

Why do you ask?

Well, apparently it is to prevent players from manipulating time and cheating. This may seem like disappointing news, but this isn't the first time Animal Crossing games have done this so it's not really that surprising.

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For some, there may be light at the end of the tunnel as Nintendo Switch Online will offer players a way to restore their save data but this will only be on offer for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

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NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE: The new online service that aims to enhance your experience

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