Animal Crossing New Horizons Turkey Day 2021 Event Guide: Start Date, Recipes

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Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 released the other month and with that came the announcement that it would receive no more major updates from here on out. That being said, Turkey is on the menu.

Here’s what you should know about the Animal Crossing Turkey day event

Latest - When does Turkey Day end?

Turkey Day is finally here and available to be played right now. That being, it only lasts one day so you don’t have long to get everything there.

Below are all the details you should know about it as you play

When will it come back?

Turkey Day will be back again on the last Thursday of November, 2022. Although the game will no longer receive big updates, it will still see annual days.

Event Details

Turkey Day, the Thanksgiving celebration in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0, kicks off today, November 25, 2021.

The event will last only one day, so make sure to mark the date on your schedule!

Franklin the Turkey

This event is all about turkey, but not in a conventional way. Instead, Franklin the Turkey will appear in chef attire in the Plaza of your Island, ready to help you cook a very delicious feast.

For now, we have confirmed four preparations, with the modality of adding a secret ingredient to enhance the original recipe.

Recipe Name Ingredients
Clam Chowder3 Manila Clams, Secret: 1 Scallop
Pumpkin Pie Recipe1 Orange Pumpkin, 1 Green Pumpkin, Secret: Two more Pumpkins
Gratin1 Museel, 1 Mushroom, Secret: Dungeness Crab
Fish Meunière1 Sea Bass, 1 Red Snapper, Secret: Barred Knifejaw:

Franklin is bright enough, so there is no Turkey on the menu, or he might end up cooking some relatives.

Franklin the Turkey in Animal Crossing New Horizons
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Franklin the dancer Turley is also a chef

Turkey Day Activities

  • Meet Franklin in the plaza outside Resident Services to check the recipes for this year's Feast.
  • Explore the Island collecting the recipe's ingredients necessary to prepare all dishes.
  • If you can not find all the ingredients, make sure to check with the Villagers to exchange them.
    • Villagers can also provide hints for secret ingredients that you can use to enhance Franklin's Recipes.
  • Bring the requested recipe ingredients to Franklin at Resident Services to cook the dish and receive Turkey Day DIY Recipe Book.

We do not know yet which extra rewards will be available for successfully adding secret ingredients in the recipes. As more details are revealed, we'll update here accordingly.

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