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NHL 24: Roster Update and Quicker Matchmaking

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Roster Update and Quicker Matchmaking in NHL 24

The first roster update came for NHL 24, while EA Sports also made some significant matchmaking enhancements. It will give players a smoother online and improved general experience. For those who still didn’t have a chance to play NHL, here is everything you need to know about the game.

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Although the players want to see more improvement in the gameplay and controls, EA made some fixes in the first NHL 24 update of the season. Let’s have a look at what they changed.

Fresh Roster Updates in NHL 24

In order to better reflect the current NHL season, EA introduced fresh attributes and player ratings with the latest update. There are many changes including rookie forward Connor Bedard. The Chicago Blackhawks’ promising talent now has 83 OVR.

Here is how to update the roster in NHL 24:

  1. Visit the ‘Rosters’ Menu
  2. Select ‘Active Roster’
  3. Pick an active Online Roster
  4. Hit Download

Quicker Matchmaking

The developers reduced the total “Finding Teammate” maximum search time. This is how it looks now:

  • QUICKPLAY 3v3 reduced from 150 seconds to 60 seconds
  • EASHL 3v3 reduced from 180 seconds to 90 seconds
  • EASHL 6v6 reduced from 180 seconds to 120 seconds

Also, there are changes when it comes to goalie matching:

  • After 30 seconds, QUICKPLAY 3v3 will allow Human vs CPU goalie matchups

This wasn’t the case until the NHL 24 update came out. All World of Chel modes required both teams’ goalies to match (Human vs Human or CPU vs CPU).

Bigger changes are much needed, but this update is a good sign. We expect more updates and fewer complaints from the NHL 24 users in the coming weeks. Read our NHL 24 review here, and visit RealSport101 for more news about the game.

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