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NHL 22 Update 1.31 Patch Notes: Changes made for goalies and faceoffs (December 16)

NHL 22 Update 1.31 has officially arrived, and it's bring a small handful of fixes to goalies, faceoffs, and more.

We've got all the details on NHL 22 Update 1.31, full Patch Notes, and why some of these changes have been made.

NHL 22 Update 1.31 Patch Notes for December 16

Just one week after dropping their December Title Update, we're now getting NHL 22 Update 1.31 with a new set of fixes.

While this update is far less extensive than the last, it makes some important tweaks to a few very key areas that affect all NHL 22 gameplay.

The update should be live now on all platforms, it's Version 1.31 on PS4 with a download size of 3.092 GB while the Xbox Series X|S update is Version 1.3.1 and has a download size of 3.21 GB.

NHL 22 Update 1.31 Patch Notes
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NEW FEATURES: Roster Sharing was added during last week's Title Update

We haven't been able to confirm the download size yet for Xbox One or PS5, but both should come in similarly as there aren't any core differences in the game across generations.

Without further ado, here are the full NHL 22 Update 1.31 Patch Notes:

  • Improvements to goalies when on the post and shots are coming in at tight angles and from behind the goal line
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases players higher rated in faceoffs were losing to lower rated players during tie breaks in the mechanic
  • Improvements to interceptions and pass disruptions

These changes are specific to gameplay only, but we did see tons of new content land recently with the IIHF addition and the upcoming Women's National Teams being added.

NHL 22 glitch goals may be removed with this update

While the details in these patch notes aren't extensive, the changes they've made definitely make it sound like a few notorious glitch goals could be going away.

One of the most notorious ones, known as the Far Side Wrap or Behind The Net, focuses specifically on going around the back of the net in a way that pulls the goalie and leaves an easy shot.

NHL 22 Scoring
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AROUND THE BACK: See the goalie's position, keep protecting until you're more in front of the net and take your shot

It's so prevalent that we covered it in our NHL 22 scoring guide, along with the often used Backhand Drag Shot, also known as the Datsyuk Flip.

With this update's patch notes specifically identifying goalie improvements for tight angles and behind the goal line approaches, it looks like they're trying to nerf the power of the Far Side Wrap in NHL 22.

We won't know for sure until more players have had a solid amount of time with the update, but it could be significantly changed with these tweaks.

That could leave you searching for new strategies in HUT 22, but you can pick things up by slipping the new Breaking Ice Luke Prokop card into your lineup.

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