NHL 22 Syncing Glitch: Infuriating Bug Still Plaguing Users

About a week ago, an NHL 22 syncing glitch made the game nearly unplayable. A few days after it was first noticed EA released an "update" for it.

However, some players are still experiencing the issue and are hoping for it to be addressed very soon.

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Let's go over the NHL 22 syncing glitch, the update, and how it's still affecting players.


NHL 22 Syncing Glitch

NHL 22 hasn't been out for very long but is running into a lot of issues already. It isn't just plaguing the online modes either as Franchise Mode is experiencing issues too.

The glitch we're talking about right now, however, is a bug that puts players in an infinite syncing glitch and forces them to restart the game.

NHL 22 Syncing Glitch faceoff
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"UNPLAYABLE": Players are getting frustrated with all the NHL 22 bugs

The really unfortunate part about this glitch is that any progress the player earns during the game is lost during this cycle. This outraged players and led to EA responding with an NHL 22 update.


The NHL 22 Syncing Glitch Update

EA responded quickly to this issue with a "toner" that was essentially a silent update set to fix the NHL 22 glitch.

It's great to see how quickly they responded to the concern, however, perhaps a larger update would've truly fixed the problem. Here's the tweet announcing the update:

The tuner was released to NHL 22 on all platforms on November 6, 2021. This week though, the syncing issues resurfaced in NHL 22.


Players reporting more synching issues in NHL 22

Players were shocked to be plagued by the same issues they experienced last week when they logged on this week.

It seems as if the NHL 22 syncing issues are back and finding themselves in HUT 22 and World of Chel. Not long ago, EA was forced to deliver compensation rewards for bugs in both modes.

If you're struggling with this NHL 22 glitch, we encourage you to report them here.