NHL 22 Ratings: Top 10 Strongest Players Revealed

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NHL 22 ratings continue to roll out as we approach next month's release date, and the newest batch nails the strongest in the game.

With the reveal official, let's take a look at who had the Strength in their NHL 22 ratings to be deemed the strongest this year.

NHL 22 Ratings: Top 10 Strength Reveals Strongest Players

While we haven't gotten any reveals just yet for overall NHL 22 ratings, they've kicked things off throughout the week with these attribute top 10s.

Starting with things like Speed and Shot Power, the excitement now rolls into pure Strength, which affects a variety of different skills and abilities in NHL 22.

nhl 22 ratings
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OVECHKIN: The second strongest also earned an X Factor this year

We'll have to wait and see when the title releases to know for sure, but the Strength attribute is expected to fuel things like Body Checks, the ability to stand your ground when being hit, Shot Power, and more.

While we'll learn more about those various aspects later, here are the official Top 10 in Strength when it comes to NHL 22 ratings:

  • Jamie Oleksiak, 94 Rating
  • Alex Ovechkin, 93 Rating
  • Victor Hedman, 93 Rating
  • Milan Lucic, 93 Rating
  • Ryan Reaves, 92 Rating
  • Ryan Getzlaf, 92 Rating
  • Evgeni Malkin, 92 Rating
  • Zack Kassian, 92 Rating
  • Nikita Zadorov, 91 Rating
  • Brandon Carlo, 91 Rating

With nothing but attribute ratings drops this week, we're hoping to start learning about overall ratings in NHL 22 as early as Monday, September 27.

Who got snubbed by their NHL 22 Rating in Strength?

Of course, there's no surprise that many are already arguing about snubs in these Strength ratings for NHL 22.

The name that seems to pop up the most is Tom Wilson, specifically with several players pointing out that Jamie Oleksiak lost a fight to Tom Wilson.

There's no doubt that strengths comes into play with a situation like that, and Wilson is no stranger to big hits, but it clearly wasn't enough for the NHL 22 ratings gurus to deem Wilson worthy of a spot on this list.


There were also calls that Brad Wingfield and Leon Draisaitl got snubbed by being left off, but the other big point of contention has been Ryan Reaves.

While Reaves did manage to make this list, he's in a 4-way tie for fifth place behind Oleksiak, Ovechkin, Hedman, and Lucic.

Several fans have argued Reaves should've been given a 99 in Strength, but clearly the developers with NHL 22 saw something different and felt he didn't quite reach that level.