NHL 22 January Title Update 1.32: Women's Teams and bug fixes could be on the way

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The NHL 22 January Title Update 1.32 could be right around the corner, and there are some critical bug fixes players are hoping to see.

Here's everything we know so far about the NHL 22 January Title Update, including the impending arrival of Women's Teams.


NHL 22 January Title Update 1.32 Patch Notes could reveal major bug fixes

NHL 22 has already been out for a few months now, but there are still some major in-game issues that need to be remedied.

Normally we expect EA to drop their monthly title update earlier, but so far the NHL 22 January Title Update 1.32 hasn't arrived.

You can find details of NHL Update 1.31 here, and we expect the next one to follow that some numbering system.

That's definitely not because there aren't things to fix, as one quick glance at EA Answers HQ for NHL 22 will illustrate the lingering issues players are facing.

NHL 22 January Title Update
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STUCK ON THE BENCH: Some players are still having major issues playing

One user is having significant issues with HUT Rush where goals aren't registering, and another chimed in to say the same issue has been happening to them intermittently and others have also faced the problem.

Franchise Mode is always a fan favorite, but multiple players are seeing the entire mode consistently crash on them and ruin their hard work.

Multiple users are also reporting issues when starting offline games where the screen goes black as the game starts, something potentially linked to an issue occurring for players who enable HDR while playing.

These are just a sampling of the most talked about issues on EA Answers, but based on some of the replies the issues seem far more widespread than just those posting to that forum.

Hopefully some of these will be resolved and clearly identified when the NHL 22 January Title Update 1.32 Patch Notes are revealed.

NHL 22 Update could finally add Women's Teams

NHL 22 made major waves late last year when they announced a partnership with IIHF and the impending arrival of Men's, Women's, and Junior National Teams.

While some parts of that content have already arrived, the Women's Teams were revealed as coming in "early 2022."


We've officially arrived at that year, but the lack of clarity means their intended release window could be as far out as March 2022.

NHL 22 January Title Update
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PROGRESS: Women's Teams should finally be hitting NHL 22 soon

The IIHF Men's World Championships aren't actually set to begin until May 2022, with the Women's World Championship scheduled even further out to begin in August 2022.

The World Junior Championship was actually set to begin recently, but a handful of positive COVID tests caused teams to forfeit, and IIHF decided to cancel the tournament entirely due to the ongoing global pandemic.

There's still a plethora of IIHF content expected to hit NHL 22 this year, but we'll have to wait and see if the January Title Update 1.32 qualifies as "early 2022."