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EA Play Live could provide first look at NHL 22

NHL 22 fans are clamoring for more news about this year's game, but the wait might finally come to an end at EA Play Live.

We've got all the details on what to expect from NHL 22 at the event, how to watch live, and more!

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Latest - NHL 22 beta leaked ahead of EA Play Live

Just days before EA Play Live, news has leaked about a potential NHL 22 beta code-named Water Buffalo being spotted on PS4.

With hopes high that an NHL 22 reveal could be on the way at EA Play Live, things are understandably exciting now that this has been spotted.

A separate NHL 22 beta, dubbed "Ackee Beta," was spotted by the same account on PS5, likely confirming the already suspected fact that NHL 22 will be available for both current and next gen this year.

EA Play Live 2021 Date Confirmed

EA Play Live 2021 will take place on July 22, 2021, per EA's social feeds. The date for the event is pushed back further than usual this year, but will allow for EA Sports titles to stand alone apart from their E3 counterparts.


While it initially looked like EA Play Live would be a standalone event, EA has since revealed the Spotlight Series with several events taking place in the days before the main show.

How to watch?

You'll be able to watch EA Play Live 2021 from home via any of EA's social media channels, but you can also watch right here.


The video above is for the EA Play Live livestream, and you can watch directly from here when the event finally takes place.

With major reveals landing for FIFA 22 and Madden 22 in recent weeks, hopes are high that NHL 22 could be next in line.

NHL 22

EA Live Play is generally the first look we get at NHL 22, and that will likely remain status quo for this newest installment of the franchise.

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As previously stated, with Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X/S having another year of refinement under their belt, we'll likely see new next-gen features added to sports titles like NHL 22.

Based on previous releases, it seems likely we'll see NHL 22 release in relatively the same timeframe as its predecessors, sometime in mid-September.

Be A Pro Mode

NHL's take on a career mode was given a long-overdue overhaul in NHL 21. The mode had been an extremely barebones, menu-centric slog for a while, and the studio took some strides to change that.

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However, more changes should still be in the works for NHL 22, as while the changes to NHL 21 were a breath of fresh air initially, they also grew tired pretty quickly.

Franchise Mode

NHL's Franchise Mode has seen a slate of new additions from line chemistry to the addition of a coaching staff in recent years.


Alongside Owner Mode, those changes have added greater depth and customization of the Franchise Mode experience, which should continue to be the focus for EA Vancouver with their new title.

A few other very minor changes, like adding the All-Star Game, Hall of Fame lists, and tracking of individual records, a la the MLB The Show series, would go a long way to continuing to breathe new life into NHL's Franchise Mode.

Next-Gen Changes

NHL 21's jump to next-gen consoles saw a number of gameplay and aesthetic tweaks made, but as in previous jumps to next-gen consoles, we should see a greater depth of changes made as time goes on.

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With NHL 22, it should be expected that we'll see an even greater refinement and addition of new features and graphical improvements made to take advantage of what next-gen consoles can provide.

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