NHL 22: Double XP Weekend is LIVE in World of Chel

Players looking to level up in NHL 22 can do it even quicker by participating in the NHL 22 World of Chel Double XP Weekend.

The Double XP Weekend will help some of the players that struggled with connectivity issues last week, along with the compensation rewards handed out.

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Let's take a look at the Double XP Weekend requirements and more in NHL 22.


NHL 22 Double XP Weekend Start Date

We have great news for World of Chel players in NHL 22 is that it's Double XP weekend and it's already underway!

Players who haven't played much World of Chel can get in on it by starting this weekend and leveling up really quickly.

NHL 22 World of Chel Hub
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BE A PRO: Build your player this weekend and earn Double XP

The NHL 22 Double XP Weekend will last in World of Chel through the entire weekend, so be sure to earn as much XP as you can while it's available.


HUT 22 Fantasy Evolution Cards

For those of you that have been enjoying Hockey Ultimate Team, you'll be excited to learn that there are some Fantasy Evolution Cards available to be boosted!

The cards are based on their performance and receive a boost for each time they meet a requirement.

NHL 22 current EVO Fantasy cards
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EVO CARDS: Check out the current Evolution cards in NHL 22

Here are the cards that received an overall boost in HUT 22:

  • Matt Duchene (85 OVR base - Center) - 86 OVR (+1)
  • Neal Pionk (85 OVR base - Defenseman) - 87 OVR (+2)

Infinite Syncing Glitch in NHL 22

One of the problems currently plaguing users is the Infinite Syncing glitch that occurs in HUT 22 and World of Chel.

This was supposedly fixed with a "toner" update that NHL 22 released last week, however, players are still reporting the issue. If you've struggled with it, we encourage you to report the bug here.

Hopefully, there will be a full update in the future that mentions the bug specifically. Until then, it looks as if the previous toner update is all players will get.