NHL 22 Career Mode: Does the game have a single player story mode?

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NHL 22 is ready to carry hockey into a next gen world as the series continues to evolve, and for some that means hopes of a Career Mode.

We've got everything you need to know about NHL 22 Career Mode and whether this year's game will have a single player story mode.

NHL 22 Career Mode: Does the game have a single player story mode?

Yes, NHL 22 will have Career Mode that operates as a single player story mode, and it will be the returning Be A Pro game mode.

This is just one of several game modes in NHL 22, but Be A Pro is where players who hope to craft their dream NHL star and build a legacy for him will spend most of their time.

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ARCHETYPES: You'll select an Archetype in Be A Pro for your player

As an NHL 22 Career Mode, you'll get a narrative story experience in Be A Pro on top of the long-term challenges from Career Mode.

The single player story has over 300 new conversations that were added this year, providing additional layers and color to the interactions your player can have with others in the game.

On top of that, they've done significant work to making sure this year's NHL 22 Career Mode stays challenging and interesting outside of the earliest years.

Be A Pro extends the quality of NHL 22 Career Mode

One of the biggest criticisms that Be A Pro had in the past as an NHL 22 Career Mode was that it became uninteresting outside of the earliest seasons.

While the Career Mode was engaging for the rookie and earliest seasons, things became mundane and repetitive after that.


Fortunately, that's been a big focus of what's been improved in Be A Pro this year, with long-term goals and challenges playing a much bigger role.

Some of those are outlined in the video above, which is a deep dive that looked first at Be A Pro in NHL 22 and the ways it's improving this year.

Those long-term challenges will push you to not only create a great NHL player in this NHL 22 Career Mode that excels out the gate, but a true Hall of Fame caliber superstar.

With challenges like setting the NHL record for most Stanley Cup victories in a career on the table, it's safe to say you're going to be looking at making the most prolific hockey player imaginable.