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NHL 21 Update 1.1 Patch Notes: Gameplay, HUT, World of Chel & more

EA have come through with the very first post-release patch for NHL 21, Update 1.1!

Let's go over all the changes that have now arrived.

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Update 1.1

NHL 21 Update 1.1 is now live, so you can test out the changes right now!

NHL 21 Gameplay Svech
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SURPRISE!: NHL 21's first patch, Update 1.1, is here!

While it isn't a massive update by any means, it fixes some important bugs that have annoyed players since release.

Let's break down what you can expect.



For gameplay changes, Update 1.1 brings some important fixes.

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  • Skating style preview animations now correctly adjust to sliders
  • Fixed a bug where poke checks would sometimes not go the intended direction.
  • Fixed defensive skill stick tripping logic.


HUT didn't get much in the first post-release NHL 21 update, but for those running into issues using the Auction House, this will remedy things.

NHL 21 HUT packs
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PULLS: Open your HUT packs to see how your team shapes up so far!
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to crash when purchasing in the HUT auction house

World of Chel

World of Chel is where many players rushed to on NHL 21 release day, and most have experienced similar issues after games. Update 1.1 will address this problem.

  • Fixed stability problems in post-game UI

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NHL 21 Review

Now that NHL 21 has arrived, we've had time to explore all of the many new features it adds.

NHL 21 Stanley Cup
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THE PRIZE: If you put in the work in NHL 21, you'll be rewarded

The series has moved forward massively with NHL 21 - which brought huge improvements to gameplay as well as several game modes.

Perhaps the biggest upgrades in NHL 21 were in Be A Pro Mode.

NHL 21 Be A Pro Conversations
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CHOOSE YOUR PATH: Conversations and decisions add new layers to Be A Pro mode

Be A Pro picked up a whole new choice and relationship system, and it effects how your player interacts with teammates, media, coaches, and more.

On top of this, NHL 21 was a huge move for general gameplay upgrades. This spans defensive motion, formations, and plenty more.

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Other improvements worth mentioning include superstar abilities which differentiate top players on the ice, franchise mode changes which allow draft class customization and better trade value assessment, World of Chel changes which bring more personalization, and HUT changes which feature more exciting and flashy gameplay.

With all of these new changes in mind, our RealSport Rating for NHL 21 is a 3.5 stars (out of 5).

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