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NHL 19 Ratings: Top Defensemen

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In NHL 19, it’s more important than ever to have highly-rated defensemen simply because of the immense speed and flair that the game is played with now. Pick up some of these defensemen to enable you to win the puck back, control the tempo of the game, hatch attacks, and maybe even smash in some goals from the blueline.

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Drew Doughty (92 OVR)

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Team: Los Angeles KingsRole: Two-Way DefensemanAge: 28Nationality: CanadianHeight: 185cmWeight: 91kgShoots: RightBest Stats: Passing 94, Offensive Awareness 94, Defensive Awareness 94

In NHL 19, the best defender by overall rating is Drew Doughty. He boasts strong attributes in speed, physicality, shooting, and puck skills to make him a top player all over the ice. But, to class him as the epitome of two-way defensemen in the game, he boasts a 94 rating in defensive awareness and offensive awareness. 

Victor Hedman (91 OVR)

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Team: Tampa Bay LightningRole: Two-Way DefensemanAge: 27Nationality: SwedishHeight: 198cmWeight: 101kgShoots: LeftBest Stats: Balance 93, Shot Blocking 93, Defensive Awareness 93, Stick Checking 93, Strength 93

Victor Hedman is one of the most imposing defensemen on NHL 19 – perhaps only second to Zdeno Chara – thanks to his mighty Scandinavian frame. But he’s not just some lumbering beast; Hedman has received praise from all around the league for his lightning-fast transition play, moving his team from defense to offense in an instant, or joining the attack at high speed. In the game, his 90 body checking, 93 strength, 93 stick checking, and 93 shot blocking make him one of the best defensemen to have, while his puck skills and shooting are strong enough to want him to be on the puck at the blueline.


Erik Karlsson (90 OVR)

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Team: San Jose SharksRole: Offensive DefensemanAge: 28Nationality: SwedishHeight: 183cmWeight: 87kgShoots: RightBest Stats: Passing 95, Offensive Awareness 95, Puck Control 95, Poise 95, Deking 95

Erik Karlsson joining the San Jose Sharks immediately took them from outsiders or dark horses to win the Stanley Cup to being among the Western Conference’s top contenders. His skill on the puck and ability to move the play is undeniable, and while he is one of the best defensemen when in the offensive end, he boasts great defensive attributes as well, such as 91 stick checking and 92 defensive awareness. He’s also the fastest defenseman in the game with a 92 in acceleration, agility, and speed.


Brent Burns (89 OVR)

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Team: San Jose SharksRole: Two-Way DefensemanAge: 33Nationality: CanadianHeight: 196cmWeight: 104kgShoots: RightBest Stats: Offensive Awareness 92, Defensive Awareness 92, Wrist Shot Power 92

Another reason why the San Jose Sharks are contenders this season, Brent Burns is a monster on the blueline. His talent for eyeing up the corners of the goal and rocketing the puck into the net has the Sharks basing their powerplay strategies around Burns’ shooting ability. Being such a big guy, he boasts naturally strong defensive attributes as well, such as 89 shot blocking, 90 stick checking, 90 body checking, and 91 strength. 


Alex Pietrangelo (89 OVR)

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Team: St. Louis BluesRole: Two-Way DefensemanAge: 28Nationality: CanadianHeight: 191cmWeight: 95kgShoots: RightBest Stats: Passing 92, Slap Shot Power 91, Offensive Awareness 91

A tyrant from the blueline, very few manage to eek their way past Alex Pietrangelo when he’s on top form. In NHL 19, he’s a very well-rounded player with five-and-a-half stars in puck skills, shooting, physical, and skating. But, his two-way play shines through with his 91 offensive awareness, 90 poise, 93 defensive awareness, 90 stick checking, and 89 shot blocking. 

Other Top Defensemen on NHL 19

Name Age Overall Team Best Stats
Roman Josi2888Nashville PredatorsShot Blocking 90, Stick Checking 90, Passing 90
John Carlson2888Washington CapitalsOffensive Awareness 93, Passing 93, Slap Shot Power 91
Oliver Ekman-Larsson2788Arizona CoyotesPassing 93, Puck Control 93, Offensive Awareness 92
P.K. Subban2988Nashville PredatorsSlap Shot Power 92, Wrist Shot Power 91, Passing 91
Ryan Suter3388Minnesota WildEndurance 90, Stick Checking 90, Shot Blocking 90
John Klingberg2687Dallas StarsPassing 93, Puck Control 92, Slap Shot Power 91
Shea Weber3387Montreal CanadiensSlap Shot Power 95, Strength 93, Body Checking 92
Dustin Byfuglien3387Winnipeg JetsBalance 95, Strength 95, Slap Shot Power 93
Seth Jones2387Columbus Blue JacketsPuck Control 91, Passing 90, Defensive Awareness 90
Kris Letang3187Pittsburgh PenguinsDefensive Awareness 90, Poise 90, Slap Shot Power 90