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The fastest players in NHL 24

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NHL 24

To the happiness of millions of Hokey fans, NHL 24 is almost here with the title releasing on 6 October. The expectations for this year's edition are extremely high since the game will introduce many new features.

EA Sports has released all information about the game in the last couple of weeks, introducing the new gameplay features, changes to the World of Chel mode, and unveiling the HUT Deep-Dive trailer.

In the last few days, EA Sports decided to reveal the player ratings and their attributes. This means that we can finally know who are the fastest players in NHL 24, the ones that can blow by defenders and put the puck in the back of the net.

So, without further ado, let's see who are the fastest players in NHL 24.

The fastest players in NHL 24

Speed is very important in hockey and even more when you are playing in the NHL, the best league in the world. It allows you to blow by defenders, catch up to attackers, make incredibly fast direction changes, and perform some very useful moves.

NHL 24 body check feature
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It's easy to see why fast players are so important in NHL 24, as they allow you to do everything listed above, and even more. Fans are always looking to add fast players to their squad, as they can be the difference makers in many games.

So, let's take a look at the fastest players in the game.

Connor McDavid (97 OVR)

Team: Edmonton Oilers

Speed: 98

Acceleration: 98

The fastest player in NHL 24 is none other than the prolific goalscorer Connor McDavid. With a 98 speed and 98 acceleration, the three-time Hart Memorial Trophy winner can blow by opponents.

 NHL 24 Connor McDavid
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If McDavid can get past his defender players will have a very hard time catching up to him. The fact McDavid is incredibly agile makes it even harder for opponents to stop him.

Cale Makar (95 OVR)

Team: Colorado Avalanche

Speed: 97

Acceleration: 97

In second place, we have the NHL 24 cover athlete, and the Colorado Avalanche superstar player, Cale Makar. Maker is remarkably quick, with 97 speed and 97 acceleration.

NHL 24 Cale Makar
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Because of his spectacular speed, acceleration, and agility, Makar can make incredibly fast direction changes and is very hard to guard in 1v1 situations. This also allows him to perform moves at a much faster speed, leaving opponents stunned.

Nathan MacKinnon (95 OVR)

Team: Colorado Avalanche

Speed: 96

Acceleration: 96

Makar teammate Nathan MacKinnon closes out the podium, with an impressive 96 speed and 96 acceleration. He has the "third fastest top-end speed at 37.1 km/hr", which explains his great speed and acceleration attribute ratings in NHL 24.

NHL 24 Nathan MacKinnon
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Similar to Makar, MacKinnon is great at creating separation from his defender and performing moves with incredible speed and accuracy. He is a player you want to have in your team.

Quinn Hughes (90 OVR)

Team: Vancouver Canucks

Speed: 95

Acceleration: 95

Another lightning-fast player in NHL 24 is Quinn Hughes, the Vancouver Canucks star defenseman. Hughes has 95 speed and 95 acceleration, which helps him impact both sides of the floor.

Together with Makar, he is one of the few defenseman who can keep up with players such as MacKinnon or McDavid. Like all the above players on the list, Hughes is also quite agile.

Brayden Point (92 OVR)

Team: Tampa Bay Lightning

Speed: 94

Acceleration: 94

One of the best Centers in NHL 24, Brayden Point is the fifth-fastest player in the game. With 94 speed and 94 acceleration, Point can quickly get rid of his defender and put the puck in the back of the net.

With still a lot of upside, Point is the Center you want to have in your Franchise save. He is fast, agile, and a lethal scorer.

Other fastest players in NHL 24

Player Team Speed Acceleration OVR
Adam FoxNew York Rangers939492
Jack HughesNew Jersey Devils939491
David PastrňákBoston Bruins939395
John GaudreauColumbus Blue Jacket939389
Artemiy PanarinNew York Rangers929293
Clayton KellerArizona Coyote929289
Nikita KucherovTampa Bay Lightning929394
Kirill KaprizovMinnesota Wild929292
Jack EichelVegas Golden Knights929191
William Nylander AlteliusToronto Maple Leafs929289

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