Does NHL 23 have crossplay?

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NHL 23 is set to break tons of ground for the franchise across plenty of firsts, but once question is on the minds of many approaching launch day.

Does NHL 23 have crossplay?

Does NHL 23 Have Crossplay?

NHL 23 will finally add the new feature of cross-platform matchmaking this year, an addition that fans have asked about for years.

NHL 23 crossplay will unite all of the game's playerbases in online play and expand the game's online community as a result.

Further, it will mean playing NHL 23 friends will be easier than ever without having to jump consoles.


Will NHL 23 be on PC?


NHL 23 will not be on PC this year, though we expect when it is eventually added to the EA NHL franchise, it will also enjoy the crossplay possibilities pioneered this year.

For the reveal of NHL 23 crossplay, check out the newly released NHL 23 reveal trailer, where NHL 23 crossplay was first announced!

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