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Need For Speed Heat: PvP Multiplayer, patch cops, add cars - What we want from a February update

Need for Speed Heat was released back in November to positive reviews. The NFS series had been stale for the previous few entries but Heat reignited fans' interest in the famous arcade racer.

Heat wasn't without its flaws, though, and a recent update has aimed to rectify some the issues which had been present since launch. Update 1.6 also adds the ability to use your racing wheel to drive around Palm City and the option to buy Keys to the City which unlock all locations.

What else do we want to see in Heat, though? Here's a few of the most popular suggestions!

The cops

Lt. Frank Mercer and Officer Danny Shaw are two of the main antagonists in Heat.
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PROBLEMS WITH THE LAW: The Palm City PD was the centre of a lot of criticism in Heat

The police are one of the most annoying aspects to NFS Heat… and not for the right reasons!

The Palm City PD are as cheesy as you'd expect them to be - this is NFS after all - but that's not the gripe we have with them. When you're out cruising the streets of Palm City and fancy a run-in with the law, you should do so only if you're feeling very lucky.

When your Heat level rises to three or above, your chance of escaping is plummets to near-zero. They bust you way too easily, I was stunned at how fast the “busted” bar flew up when I hit a cop car for the first time.

Fans have also called for a better cutscene when you do go down, the one we currently have almost seems like an afterthought. If a Reddit user can do it, Ghost Games definitely can too.

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Additionally, the police cars are way too tough, I’ve T-boned several at over 100mph (160kph) and the chaser didn’t have a scratch on it. Yes, this is NFS, it's not meant to be a realistic game, but this honestly feels like it could be bad programming.

These are both simple fixes, though, if Ghost Games want to rectify them, they can. Just edit the rate at which the Busted meter goes up and increase the damage that the police cars sustain from impacts.

New events & cars

1965 Ford Mustang races around oval racetrack in NFS Heat
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GOOD RACING: NFS Heat's Racing is exciting but there's room for expansion

We liked the variety of races on offer to us in Heat but there are calls for an expanded selection to be offered. Specifically, drag racing seems to be the most popular suggestion. This makes sense too, as engine swaps and nitrous are available in the game.

Palm City is large enough for there to be a drag strip too, it's more likely that an American city of this size would have one somewhere in its limits. Other types of races and events could be added as well but drag racing is our top pick.

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We're potentially getting ahead of ourselves here, but perhaps even some more cars would help appease what is in places a frustrated community.

What will help the most, though, is an old-fashioned multiplayer that has leaderboards and player v player capabilities.

General bug fixes and texture optimisations also wouldn't go amiss but these are sometimes tough to achieve.

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