NFL Week 5 power rankings: The Chiefs reign supreme

Kansas City remain at the top of the tree, but how did the rest of the NFL fare?

We’re a quarter-way through the season, but it’s still not easy to tell which teams are good and which teams are bad – with a few exceptions. The Chiefs are the lone un-defeated team left in the NFL, and so, unsurprisingly, were the unanimous choice for top spot among our writers; on the other end of the scale, the Browns were every voter’s pick at #32.

Here’s how the rankings shaped up heading into Week 5!

Panel: Gur Samuel; Toby Durant; David Payne; Ed Brickeen; Micah Reurn; Rebecca Rennie; Remy Cabache

  1. 1 Kansas City Chiefs (Previous: #1)

    Many people thought the Chiefs would be good this year, but how many people would have them pegged as the only undefeated team a quarter-way through the season? Kareem Hunt has been an absolute revelation, recalling the best of Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy in Andy Reid's offense, Alex Smith is looking as good as he ever has, and the defense has allowed the second-fewest points in the league. To top it all off, the team showed heart and resilience in a tough last-minute win against the Redskins. (Gur Samuel)

  2. 2 Green Bay Packers (Previous: #4)

    Green Bay hadn't won pretty coming into TNF, needing overtime to beat the hapless Bengals and winning an uncharacteristically low-scoring contest against the Seahawks. Against their hated Chicago rivals, though, the Packers finally looked closer to what we expect to see from Rodgers and co. While they may not be the most complete team, as long as they're winning they'll always be high in the power rankings. (Gur Samuel)

  3. 3 Denver Broncos (Previous: #10)

    This was a bounce back week for Denver. After an excruciating loss to the Bills last week, Trevor Siemian and the offense did what they needed to do. The play of the game was definitely the one-handed catch by tight end AJ Derby, which produced the first points on the board.  Denver's defense held Marshawn Lynch to only 12 yards and the entire Oakland backfield to 24 total rushing yards. The No-Fly Zone also showed up big as safety Justin Simmons sealed the 16-10 win with an interception. (David Payne)

  4. 4 Detroit Lions (Previously: #6)

    The Lions finally don’t have to rely solely on the arm of Matthew Stafford. Ameer Abdullah rushed for 94 yards and the defense held Minnesota scoreless in the second half. Detroit is looking more complete each week. (Micah Reum)

  5. 5 Pittsburgh Steelers (Previous: #7)

    The Steelers win in Baltimore didn't suggest that the Steelers were that good, more that the Ravens are not as good as everyone though. With that said, this defense has taken significant steps forward and will actually be an asset for this team. The offense, however, isn't quite as explosive as expected. Is Big Ben entering his decline? (Remy Cabache)

  6. 6 Atlanta Falcons (Previous: #2)

    The Falcons finally faltered, picking up their first loss of the season against a Buffalo Bills side that many believed would be tanking this season. They may be 3-1, but losing to the Bills is going to be bringing up many of the questions that swirled around the team after squeaking out a win against the Bears in Week 1. With both starting receivers leaving the game due to injury, Atlanta will be happy to have a bye week to rest up their injured players. (Gur Samuel)

  7. 7 Carolina Panthers (Previous: #20)

    Carolina are a very hard team to place this year. Their win over the 49ers didn't tell us much, and many dismissed their 9-3 victory against the Bills out of hand, when the Bills were still thought to be tanking. The Panthers' loss to the Saints seemed to confirm that the opening two weeks were just smoke and mirrors - but then they went ahead and out-muscled the Patriots. That's enough to start taking the Panthers seriously. (Gur Samuel)

  8. 8 Buffalo Bills (Previous: #21)

    Who saw that one coming? What looked like a fluke win over Denver in Week 3 was backed up this week as the Bills handed their Falcons their first loss of the year. Tyrod Taylor has been playing smart, efficient football, LeSean McCoy has been looking more and more like the Shady of old, and the defense have been insanely good, allowing the fewest points in the NFL. (Gur Samuel)

  9. 9 New England Patriots (Previous: #3)

    Another stunning fourth quarter from Tom Brady, another terrible game from the defense. New England are 2-2, have scored the second most points and conceded the second most. This looks like it will be the theme of their season. (Toby Durant)

  10. 10 Los Angeles Rams (Previous: #17)

    The Rams looked level-headed and calm against the Dallas Cowboys. They were clearly the underdog and playing at Jerry World added even more pressure. Jared Goff looked like a veteran marching the offense down the field. He finished with just under 300 passing yards and three touchdowns. Todd Gurley and Sammy Watkins also came alive in this game and gave Rams fans what they've been waiting for. Also give credit to the Rams defense for keeping Dallas' big three - Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliot, and Dez Bryant - under wraps. (David Payne)

  11. 11 Houston Texans (Previous: #19)

    A record-breaking day for both this relatively young franchise and its extremely young leader, with this Texans offense getting going for arguably the first time in its 15 year history. A strong divisional victory over a tough Titans team has put the Texans right back in the mix for the AFC South title, and provides the perfect basis for their toughest task yet next week against the undefeated Chiefs. (Anthony Wood)

  12. 12 Philadelphia Eagles (Previous: #9)

    The Eagles look primed to take the NFC East after a strong showing at the quarter pole of the season. A season ending matchup in Philly could decide this division. That's good news for the Eagles. (Ed Brickeen)

  13. 13 Oakland Raiders (Previous: #5)

    Let's not dismiss the obvious, this team is in trouble without Derek Carr. The Raiders were supposed to be the among the best teams in the NFL, and even with Derek Carr the last few weeks have not been encouraging. Now, without him, and with EJ Manuel under center the Raiders may be an 8-win team at best. Carr is likely out two to four weeks, the Raiders have to pray it's just the two. (Remy Cabache)

  14. 14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Previous: #13)

    The Bucs made it clear Sunday that they still have a ways to go - and desperately need to find a kicker, too. With Nick Folk leaving seven points on the board thanks to three missed kicks, Tampa's game against Big Blue was far closer than it needed to be. Still, when the chips were down, Jameis got the team into position to win the game, and Folk finally came good. As long as Winston can do that, this team remains one to be excited about - even if expectations needed to be tempered a little. (Gur Samuel)

  15. 15 Dallas Cowboys (Previous: #11)

    The Cowboys, much like the Ravens, are suffering thanks to a complete lack of attention to the team's main weakness. The defense is a huge issue: the Cowboys let their entire starting secondary leave, and though they invested draft stock, they can't expect that to be an immediate fix. The rest of the defense isn't nearly good enough to make up for a young and inexperienced secondary. (Remy Cabache)

  16. 16 Washington Redskins (Previous: #16)

    Which will be a bigger hurdle: the loss of Norman or the heartbeaking loss on Monday night? This team at times looks better than their 2-2 record suggests, but last night could be a real momentum killer. (Ed Brickeen)

  17. 17 Minnesota Vikings (Previous: #12)

    Case Keenum looked like Case Keenum again on Sunday as the Vikings offense struggled to put up points against the Lions. The loss of Dalvin Cook for the season will put a lot of pressure on whoever is under center in the Vikings’ remaining games, so they’ll be hoping Sam Bradford recovers from his bone bruise sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, the defense looked good again, coming away with five sacks, including DE Danielle Hunter’s first two of the season. (Tom Parry-Jones)

  18. 18 Seattle Seahawks (Previous: #14)

    The offense bounced back in a huge way against the Colts, but that was the Colts. Chris Carson going down for most of the year, if not the whole season, is potentially a big loss, Russell Wilson is turning the ball over too much and the offensive line is an issue. However, much like previous years, I'm sure the Seahawks will find a way to be in contention come December. (Remy Cabache)

  19. 19 Jacksonville Jaguars (Previous: #16)

    Jacksonville continued an up-and-down season with an overtime loss to the Jets, just a week removed from utterly destroying the Ravens in London. The Jags will no doubt be asking how their previously stout D allowed the Jets to run over them for 256 yards and a pair of scores. There's still plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the Jaguars, but there's no question they will have been expecting a better performance. (Gur Samuel)

  20. 20 Tennessee Titans (Previous: #8)

    For a team as seemingly strong as the Titans with a LeBeau led-defense full of talent and a young and talented offense, this was quite simply terrible. In the first half, their saving grace was their young QB Marcus Mariota, rushing for two TDs before this workload took its toll and he injured his hamstring just before half time. So what's next? Well to put it simply, they've got to completely wipe the slate clean and start over. Get back to basics. They need to get far more out of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry in the run game, and the defense - the secondary in particular - must wake up. They had no clue how to stop DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller and must go back to the drawing board and return to basics of spotting he runner to avoid receivers having half the field to themselves again. Thankfully for Tennessee, they're only four weeks into the season and they're still tied for first in the AFC South. The season is far from over, but they have a lot of catching up to do. (Anthony Wood)

  21. 21 Baltimore Ravens (Previous: #18)

    The Ravens have only their front office to blame. Their struggles, which have been present since Gary Kubiak left for Denver, show a complete failure by the organisation. The front office and coaching staff have done very little to protect their franchise QB who has seemingly regressed to being a way-below-average NFL starter. The defense may be showing signs of return to its old, dominant self, but it still has a ways to go. The offense on the other hand is unsaveable at this point. The only way the Ravens are making the postseason is if they can win the division with an 8-8 record. (Remy Cabache)

  22. 22 New Orleans Saints (Previous: #23)

    The Saints won what was one of the most boring games that London has ever seen. The Saints' O really struggled to execute for a lot of the game, finally getting on the scoreboard with a field goal in the dying seconds of the first half, and though they were able to move down the field, the lack of scoring will be a concern. The real story here, though, is the defense. The NO D completely shut down Jay Ajayi in what was meant to be his triumphant London debut, and harassed Jay Cutler all day long, contributing to the first shutout in the history of the International Series. (Gur Samuel)

  23. 23 Arizona Cardinals (Previous: #25)

    Without David Johnson, an over-the-hill Carson Palmer and a leaky offensive line, the Cardinals offense is not ain a great place. Luckily, they do have a few other playmakers who are doing enough to at least move this team down the field. And the defense is hot, but Markus Golden's injury is a pretty big blow.  (Ed Brickeen)

  24. 24 New York Jets (Previous: #29)

    Despite previous assumption, the Jets are no dumpster fire. Josh McCown just picked up his first back-to-back wins since he was quarterback for the Cardinals back in 2004, and all of a sudden, Gang Green are on the verge of becoming respectable opponents. Maybe these guys aren't so bad... (Ed Brickeen)

  25. 25 Miami Dolphins (Previous: #22)

    When the Jaguars won in London last week, some were quick to attribute the victory to the fact that the team were so well-versed with the trip abroad. Miami have played in London in three of the past four seasons - but you wouldn't know it from their performance yesterday. Jay Cutler looked very much like he should have stayed in retirement, and Miami's lone real scoring opportunity - on what had been an impressive, clock-eating opening drive - ended in an interception as Cutler made a bad pre-snap decision to target Julius Thomas, and the tight end allowed him to get entirely muscled off his route, allowing for the easy pick. Jay Ajayi will be especially upset to have been entirely shut down in his home town, and the once-promising Dolphins side of Week 2 is already a distant memory. (Gur Samuel)

  26. 26 New York Giants (Previous: #26)

    Big Blue looked like they were on their way to getting their first win of the year, but no such luck. The team did well in bouncing back from an early 13-0 deficit to eventually take a 17-16 lead heading into the final quarter. Ultimately, though, the defense just couldn't quite do enough to counter the Bucs - three Nick Folk kicks flatter the final scoreline - and the offense just took too long to get going, not aided by minor injuries to various players. With a game against the similarly-winless Chargers next week, Ben McAdoo is now going to be fighting just to survive to the end of this season, let alone be around for next year. (Gur Samuel)

  27. 27 Cincinnati Bengals (Previous: #28)

    Yes, they sit at 1-3, yes, their lone win came against the Browns, but I think all the signs point to the Bengals overtaking the Ravens in the AFC North. Last season and the first two games of this season had one thing in common: the offensive coordinator. That time is the worst spell for the Bengals in a number of years. Make a note now, the Bengals are growling and ready to roar. (Remy Cabache)

  28. 28 Chicago Bears (Previous: #27)

    It's Trubisky time in Chi-town. Can he shore up an offense that turns the ball over as much as they score? John Fox has banked his job - and possibly the rest of his career - on the answer being "yes". (Ed Brickeen)

  29. 29 Los Angeles Chargers (Previous: #24)

    Phillip Rivers is nearing the end of his career and it is showing. Unless the Chargers win a ton from here on out, a quarterback should be high on the wishlist for the 2018 draft. (Ed)

  30. 30 Indianapolis Colts (Previous: #30)

    The health of Andrew Luck is the only thing worth watching in Indy this season. Any more 40+ point losses and the house will be cleaned in that front office. (Ed Brickeen)

  31. 31 San Francisco 49ers (Previous: #31)

    The 49ers, in my opinion, actually look set to return to the level they were at in Jim Harbaugh's first years. The defense has young, developing playmakers at every position and they don't even have Reuben Foster or Eric Reid on the field. Carlos Hyde is finally playing consistently at a high level and is powering this offense. If they stay on track this year and get a top 5 pick, they could get the QB they need to take this team back to the top of the NFC West and beyond. They'll still have to suffer through a sputtering 2017 campaign first, though. (Ed Brickeen)

  32. 32 Cleveland Browns (Previous: #32)

    Cleveland are well and truly at the foot of the league once again after falling to Cincinnati. The rebuilding project still has a long way to go, and Hue Jackson is starting to feel the heat. (Toby Durant)

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