NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Chiefs retain top spot, but the Eagles are soaring

There are no more undefeated teams left this season as the Chiefs fell to Pittsburgh. How did your team's ranking change this week?

Another week is in the books, which means it's time to look at our power rankings. Who's shocking defeat has sent them tumbling? Who's impressive performances has seen them rise? And more importantly, what has happened to the Green Bay Packers following Aaron Rodgers' injury??

1. Kansas City Chiefs (Previous: #1)

The Chiefs may have lost, and not looked great, but they are still the best team in the NFL. Everyone has bad games and I think, towards the end, they showed some of the form that brought them to 5-0. In a year that no team is truly great, the Chiefs have shown far more allround greatness than the next closest team. (Remy Cabache)

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Previous: #3)

The Eagles are, right now, the closest team to the Chiefs, but if they stay on the trajectory they are on now, and the Chiefs come back down to earth a little, the Eagles could overtake them very soon. Wentz is playing very good football, the rest of the offense is clicking, particularly Nelson Agholor, and the defense is hot with its stars back in the lineup. The Eagles are poised to take control of the NFC. (Remy Cabache)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (Previous: #11)

The Steelers may have knocked off the Chiefs but I'm not ready to call them the team to beat. They outplayed the Chiefs but still had to get (very) lucky to come out of KC with the win. They are so hot and cold that I just cannot trust them. Le'Veon Bell, however, is seemingly back to 100% though, which is huge for this team. What's more, the defense seems like a strength now, as opposed to being a weakness. (Remy Cabache)

4. Minnesota Vikings (Previous: #18)

The Vikings offense is getting by with Case Keenum and the defense is, again, very good. What's more, the team received some great news yesterday, in that Teddy Bridgewater has been cleared to return to practice. Obviously it is silly to think he will be the player he was hyped to be immediately, but he can't be worse than Keenum. If he can make his way back to showing the development he had made last offseason, this team is ready to role. (Remy Cabache)

5. Carolina Panthers (Previous: #6)

Carolina's hard-fought loss against the Eagles is nothing to be ashamed about, but it did expose a few issues with the running game. Cam Newton looks back to his best though, and the defense's new aggression is very productive. (Toby Durant)

6. Los Angeles Rams (Previous: #10)

The Rams may legitimately be the team to beat in the NFC West. Todd Gurley is back to his best form and he seems pretty unstoppable on a weekly basis. Goff has shown consistent enough signs, to me, that he is on his way to becoming a franchise QB and the rest of the offense is making enough plays. The defense has some things to tighten up but the Rams are legit and seem to be getting stronger. (Remy Cabache)

7. New England Patriots (Previous: #8)

The Patriots, any other year, could legitimately be a lot lower. Their defense is a serious issue and they should have made a strong push for NaVorro Bowman, but they didn't. The offense won't be an issue with Tom brady and co. – though they must do a better job of protecting Brady – so I trust they'll be able to overcome their defensive issues more often that not. Even so, this team has a long way to go to reach the heights they aspire for. (Remy Cabache)

8. Atlanta Falcons (Previous: #5)

A second-straight loss at home, a third-straight loss to an AFC East team, and now they have to go to Foxboro having blown a strong second half lead. The Falcons need a win in Week 7 perhaps more than any other team in the NFL, because otherwise the failures of Super Bowl LI will drag this team down. (Toby Durant)

9. Green Bay Packers (Previous: #2)

The Packers loss alone is not enough to push them this low, but the loss of Aaron Rodgers for the season is. Rodgers was playing as well as ever and was getting the best out of all of his weapons, and now he is done. I'm sure the Packers can get by with Brett Hundley but they won't be nearly as dangerous on a drive-by-drive basis. (Remy Cabache)

10. Houston Texans (Previous: #13)

In a division as tight as the AFC South, every game is a must win, and while it wasn't pretty – The Texans got the job done. Deshaun Watson led Houston to yet another 30+ point game, further solidifying himself as one of the top QBs in the NFL thus far in 2017. They desperately missed the pace of Whitney Mercilus and JJ Watt off the edge, as the Browns found it all too easy to double team Jadeveon Clowney and deal with the rather slow Heath and Covington one on one. And with impressive rookie LB Cole picking up a hamstring injury, and LT Clark also getting a knock, the Texans could yet again be in the market for some free agent band aids for this injury prone side, or perhaps it's finally time to beg for Duane Brown to return? (Anthony Wood)

11. Denver Broncos (Previous: #4)

The loss on Sunday night to the Giants is a bad look, a very bad look. Trevor Siemian didn't play well and now he is injured. With any other quarterback under center this team is in trouble. The defense is great, that is not in question, but the offense, once again, could really hold this team back. (Remy Cabache) 

12 Detroit Lions (Previous: #7)

An implosion against the Saints is disappointing, but the NFC North is wide open now and they need to regroup to force their way into a divisional title. (Toby Durant)

13. Buffalo Bills (Previous: #9)

Buffalo were sat at home watching as the Patriots slipped out of MetLife Stadium with a win and the AFC East lead, but they are still very much poised to push them all year. A solid defense and an offense that makes very few mistakes will give them a chance in every game. (Toby Durant)

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (Previous: #14)

The Jags lost to the Rams but it's hard to place the blame anywhere but special teams. The defense played well, again, and the offense, powered by Leonard Fournette almost exclusively, is a big play waiting to happen. It just sucks that Blake Bortles is the QB, he is bad at this point. He is no longer a project or a game manager, he is a significant hindrance and will, or already has, cost this team the division. (Remy Cabache)

15. New Orleans Saints (Previous: #21)

The Saints feasted at the Superdome against the Lions. Early pressure created turnovers and points, and soon the game got out of hand. Mark Ingram was rampant and a returning Terron Armstead made a world of difference to the offense. If the defense keep this kind of performance up then maybe the Saints aren’t done as a force in the NFL. (Toby Durant)

16. Tennessee Titans (Previous: #22)

The return of Marcus Mariota was much-needed for this offense. His feel for the option game really opened up space for the running backs, and a good defensive performance against Indy got them back on the road toward AFC South contention. (Toby Durant)

17. Seattle Seahawks (Previous: #12)

Seattle took a big divisional win against the Rams into their bye week, now they need to do what they usually do and get better into late-October and beyond, because there is no doubt that they are in a dogfight for the NFC West, and we all know just how important home field advantage is to them in the playoffs. (Toby Durant)

18. Washington Redskins (Previous: #15)

Washington were the latest team to be taken to the limit by the 49ers, as a 26-17 lead suddenly turned shaky in the dying moments. Still, they are 3-2 and threatening the NFC East should Philadelphia slip up. Chris Thompson is turning into a very good playmaker for the ‘Skins, but the lack of production from Terrelle Pryor has got to be a worry now. (Toby Durant)

19. Dallas Cowboys (Previous: #17)

Dallas are coming off a bye week and are about to discover the fate of Ezekiel Elliott. If he ends up missing six weeks it won't just be countless fantasy teams that are negatively affected. Dak Prescott isn't quite as deadly as he was last year and the defense is a shambles. Dallas are on the fringes of the playoffs right now, and they need to come out of their bye firing. (Toby Durant)

20. Oakland Raiders (Previous: #16)

Oakland are just not the team we thought they were. The offense has not been able to reproduce last year's magic and the defense cannot win on it's own. Unless there is a very quick improvement from Derek Carr and co. then Oakland could be looking at a January without football. (Toby Durant)

21. New York Jets (Previous: #23)

The Jets may have lost on Sunday, but it was as close to a moral victory as you get in the NFL. Josh McCown, Robby Anderson, and the rest have given the Jets some hope, and while the defense couldn’t contain Rob Gronkowski, Jamal Adams and co. still look like they will be very good in the near future. (Toby Durant)

22. Miami Dolphins (Previous: #25)

At half-time it looked like another standardly inept offensive performance by the Dolphins, but then Adam Gase sprinkled a little magic into the mix. Is there really life in the Dolphins offense now? Can they build on an incredible comeback to fight for the AFC East and a playoff spot? Only time will tell, but there is enough talent to think they can still do it. (Toby Durant)

23. Baltimore Ravens (Previous: #20)

The Ravens are going to be up and down this season thanks to the parity currently on display, but I think they are no better than a six-win team. The defense is good, but not as good as they appeared to be during Weeks 1 and 2, but the offense is disgustingly, shamefully bad. The run game has shown that it is effective. USE IT. Don't rely on Flacco to power this offense because he has proven over the course of the last three seasons that he is not nearly that type of QB, nor does he have the personnel to get by. What's more, the play calling is horrible. No offense is more reliant on horizontal passes, and the insistence to throw a checkdown, short of the chains, on every third down is infuriating and bewildering. (Remy Cabache)

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Previous: #19)

There was a lot of preseason hype around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it just isn’t materialising. OJ Howard hasn’t integrated into the offense, and a shoulder injury to Jameis Winston just adds to all the defensive injuries they have had. While Ryan Fitzpatrick looked good in relief we know that’s not a sustainable path to success. The Bucs need Winston on the field, and they need to see big improvements from him. (Toby Durant)

25. Cincinnati Bengals (Previous: #24)

The Bengals saw their momentum halted by a bye week, but it gives them a chance to prepare for a season-defining trip to Heinz Field. A win puts them back in the division race, a loss would all-but end their season. (Toby Durant)

26. Arizona Cardinals (Previous: #26)

Are the Cardinals back? I think they may be. The key to this offense firing is a run game, and on Sunday that was explicitly present. Adrian Peterson looked as good as he was talking himself up to be. Obviously, he won't produce like that every week, but it gives the offense another dimension. Teams have to honor the run, which makes it easier to protect Carson Palmer on passing plays, it opens up passing lanes and it gives weight to the play-action. It also mean the Cardinals offense can keep their defense off the field for longer, which could see that unit return to their 2014 form. I think the Cardinals are the Rams biggest threat in the NFC West. (Remy Cabache)

27. Los Angeles Chargers (Previous: #27)

The Chargers beat the Raiders in Oakland for the first time since 2014. But they have a long road ahead before they're considered a playoff contender. That road starts next week when they face the always tough Denver Broncos. (Cameron Lingle)

28. Chicago Bears (Previous: #29)

Give the ball to Jordan Howard on every goddam play. Trubisky looked fine on the 16 throws he was asked to make, but the recipe they used against the Ravens is all they need to do on offense. Unfortunately, they can't play the Ravens offense every week, so their defense will need to show they can do what they did on Sunday against teams that can run an semi-effective offense. (Remy Cabache)

29. Indianapolis Colts (Previous: #28)

The Colts weren't terrible on Monday, but two lost fumbles from Jack Doyle and some misfortune on short yardage ended up costing them. Jacoby Brissett is starting to look like a good NFL quarterback, showing smart decision making and good leadership skills. (Toby Durant)

30. New York Giants (Previous: #31)

The Giants got their first win of the season on the board and made good use of rookie Evan Engram for once. However, it remains to be seen just how repeatable that performance is. They will have to go some way to earn our trust and a higher position in the power rankings. (Toby Durant)

31. San Francisco 49ers (Previous: #30)

NaVorro Bowman is gone, and Carlos Hyde is rumored to be available as well. Kyle Shanahan has turned the offense over to rookie QB CJ Beathard. Maybe he can turn this record-streak of narrow losses into wins. (Toby Durant)

32. Cleveland Browns (Previous: #32)

Oh my, the Browns are bad. Last season, when they started 0-14, they showed more promise. This team is being blown out in every contest and there doesn't seem to be much promise. The defense has some players that look good, but the offense is bad. WIth the moves they made in the offseason you would think they could at least pound the ball down on the ground, but no. I want Hue Jackson to be given time, I think he can work this out, but if they continue to play as they are he will not be given the chance. (Remy Cabache)

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