NFL Power Rankings: Titans and Rams continue to rise as the Bills fall further

Another week of the NFL season has passed as the playoff picture comes into focus. How has it affected our Power Rankings?

1. Philadelphia Eagles (Previous: #1)

The bye week keeps the Eagles at #1 but it will be an interesting test next week as they face the Cowboys in a game which could swing the division in someone’s favor one way or another. (Kyle Reiner Pineda)

2. Los Angeles Rams (Previous: #4)

Who would have thought it? The Rams are a legitimate powerhouse in the 2017 version of the NFL. Jared Goff is well worth consideration for MVP, as is Todd Gurley, and the defense is hitting its stride. They are certainly the team to beat in the NFC West. (Remy Cabache)

3. New England Patriots (Previous: #3)

The knocks on the Patriots seemed to have gone. As always, seemingly, a slow start should be ignored. The defense has played much better recently and the offense, as it has been all season, is firing on all cylinders. Tom Brady should be the NFL MVP and the Patriots are once again the best team in the AFC. (Remy Cabache)

4. New Orleans Saints (Previous: #6)

The Saints are contenders! Their seventh win in a row saw them positively answer all the usual fair weather, this team is all about Drew Brees questions with a ’09-esque performance on the road in Buffalo. Defensive dominance, six touchdowns on the ground and a step under 300 rushing yards stamped the Saints firmly at the top of the NFC South! (Martin Hill)

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (Previous: #2)

A Chris Boswell field goal as time expired gave the Steelers a hard fought win against the Colts. Not the best team performance, but Roethlisberger rallied late to set up the game winning kick. Pulling out the win while not playing well is the sign of a championship caliber team, and Pittsburgh continue their march to the post-season. (Martin Hill)

6. Minnesota Vikings (Previous: #6)

The Vikings are rolling. Even with Sam Bradford in IR and Teddy Bridgewater on the bench this offense is clicking. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen are possibly the best wide receiver duo in the NFL and Case Keenum is playing out of his mind. The defense, even without Everson Griffen last week, is getting it done. This team is certainly in the mix in the NFC. (Remy Cabache)

7. Kansas City Chiefs (Previous: #7)

The Chiefs had a bye week to try and work out how to get back to the level they played at for the first five weeks. They have lost two of their last three games and look very beatable. I still think they are one of the top dogs in the AFC, but they have a lot of work to do to get back to the top. (Remy Cabache)

8. Seattle Seahawks (Previous: #11)

The Seahawks had another successful trip to Arizona with a 22-16 victory on Thursday night. At 6-3 they’re keeping the Rams in sight, but injuries are mounting up with the most noticeable casualty being Richard Sherman who misses the rest of the season. The sixth seed spot is up for grabs in the NFC, but it’s no guarantee these Seahawks will be there come week 17. (Martin Hill)

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (Previous: #8)

A topsy-turvy affair saw the Jags get the job done in overtime against the Chargers and puts them on their first 3-game win streak since 2013. Coming away with the W was vital with division rival Titans winning, but they need to get back to power football with Fournette and not rely on 50+ pass attempts from the fallible Bortles. (Martin Hill)

10. Carolina Panthers (Previous: #9)

After the Saints’ runaway win on Sunday, the Panthers countered that with a showing against the Dolphins on MNF. Cam Newton explodes for four TDs and 349 total yards to keep the heat up at the top of the NFC South. (Kyle Reiner Pineda)

11. Tennessee Titans (Previous: #14)

Marcus Mariota may not be lighting it up statistically, but he is getting it done on a weekly basis in the games that the Titans need him to. In the last two weeks he has led the team to a game winning touchdown when that is the only thing they needed. Thanks to Blake Bortles being Blake Bortles, the Titans are THE team in the AFC South. (Remy Cabache)

12. Atlanta Falcons (Previous: #17)

Adrian Clayborn and the Atlanta Falcons dispatched of the Cowboys with ease. Clayborn took advantage of backup left tackles to sack Dak Prescott six times, the Falcons offense had three consecutive drives, leading to 17 points, the spanned from the final two minutes of the first half and into the fourth quarter. They still need to improve some things on offense but it’s looking better for the Falcons. (Remy Cabache)

13. Detroit Lions (Previous: #15)

The Lions let the Browns hang in for too long, which does ring some alarm bells. Nevertheless, the Lions finished the game in great form and are seventh in the NFC. They are well in the NFC Wildcard race and you can bet on Matthew Stafford getting hot when the Lions need him to. (Remy Cabache)

14. Dallas Cowboys (Previous: #10)

The Cowboys issues didn’t stem from Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, it came from Tyron Smith’s injury. Without him, this normally great offensive line is a liability on the left side. His backups are poor and he is the jenga piece for this offense. He is already paid a lot but he deserves more. The Cowboys have to get him back on the field as soon as possible or this season could slip away from them. (Remy Cabache)

15. Buffalo Bills (Previous: #12)

Apparently Marcell Dareus was a big part of the defense. The Bills got bullied by the Saints. THE SAINTS. They let the Saints run all over them and were completely dominated. Dareus isn’t the only issue for this team, a defense relying on opportunistic turnovers is not sustainable nor reliable, and the offense is too one dimensional. (Remy Cabache)

16. Washington Redskins (Previous: #13)

The Redskins loss would have been less flattering if not for garbage time. Case Keenum lit up their defense and the offense struggled for large portions of the game. The Redskins are now in a very tough spot in the NFC and will really struggle to make the playoffs. (Remy Cabache)

17. Oakland Raiders (Previous: #16)

The Raiders had a bye week this week. Hopefully they will have worked out they need to feed Marshawn Lynch the ball more often. If they can do that they could still salvage this season. (Remy Cabache)

18. Los Angeles Chargers (Previous: #21)

The Chargers continue to lose games in mind-boggling fashion. They intercepted Blake Bortles twice in the final two minutes of game and still gave up a game tying drive. Then, just needed a score in overtime, Philip Rivers threw a bad interception and set up the Jags to win the game. It was an unbelievable loss and it may have cost the Chargers their season. (Remy Cabache)

19. New York Jets (Previous: #18)

The New York Jets are only 4-6 and just lost 15-10 to the Winston and Evans-less Buccaneers, but this team has a lot going on for them. Their defense is young, energetic and are already over the ‘promising’ label, they are productive. Offensively they are getting by and have a few promising talents. Todd Bowles may have saved his job and this team is maybe just a few pieces away from relevance. (Remy Cabache)

20. Green Bay Packers (Previous: #25)

The Packers got a divisional win and Brett Hundley showed he could be a serviceable QB. There are still questions hovering but still don’t expect the Packers in the Playoffs unless Aaron Rodgers returns miraculously. (Kyle Reiner Pineda)

21. Baltimore Ravens (Previous: #20)

The Ravens had a bye week this week. If they want to get anything from this season they have to have found a way to move the ball on offense. They have to move away from their current offense to even think about a Wildcard playoff game. (Remy Cabache)

22. Denver Broncos (Previous: #19)

The Broncos days as a dominant defense are possible over, and with Brock Osweiler this offense is worse than with Siemian. The Broncos have to hope that a healthy Paxton Lynch is somehow way better than any reports suggest he is. (Remy Cabache)

23. Miami Dolphins (Previous: #23)

The Dolphins got spanked on Monday Night Football by the Panthers and, though they are just a few games back of a Wildcard sport, I think they are done. No one unit on this team is good enough to overcome that deficit in the AFC. (Remy Cabache)

24. Arizona Cardinals (Previous: #22)

The Cardinals season was over when Carson Palmer went down. With Stanton under center, opposing teams stack the box and shut down Peterson and trust Stanton to miss receivers if they come open. This is a sad way to potentially end Palmer’s, Fitzgerald’s and Arians’ careers. (Remy Cabache)

25. Houston Texans (Previous: #24)

Oh dear, the Texans miss Deshaun Watson. They’ve looked horrific in the two games they have played without him and suddenly Will Fuller cannot get open. The Houston defense also seemed to stop working when Watson went down. Goodbye Playoffs for the Texans? (Kyle Reiner Pineda)

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Previous: #29)

The Bucs managed to come out with a win against the Jets with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. It wasn’t pretty and it doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of the season, but it’s always nice to get a win. (Remy Cabache)

27. Chicago Bears (Previous: #26)

It was good to see the Bears give Trubisky more opportunities to pass, but it was a bad situation. It meant they couldn’t run the ball and the Bears passing attack, whether Trubisky is good enough or not, is not good thanks to one of the worst receiver corps in the NFL. The Bears still have a lot of work to do. (Remy Cabache)

28. Indianapolis Colts (Previous: #28)

Jacoby Brissett may be a legitimate starting caliber quarterback in the NFL, but the rest of this team could result in him being in the same position as Andrew Luck in not too long. The Colts offensive line is a shambles and the defense is not good enough. (Remy Cabache)

29. Cincinnati Bengals (Previous: #27)

It is crazy to think a team that supposedly has one of the most talent rich rosters in the NFL is this bad. Big changes need to be made in Cincy, starting with the firing of Marvin Lewis. (Remy Cabache)

30. San Francisco 49ers (Previous: #31)

The 49ers finally got their first win of the campaign! Although it may derail their quest to the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, it is better than leaving the season at 0-16. (Kyle Reiner Pineda)

31. New York Giants (Previous: #30)

Fee-fi-fo-fum would’ve worked way better had the Giants won. As it is, the beanstalk has been well and truly chopped from beneath them this season, and their capitulation continued with a 31-21 loss to the previously winless Niners. McAdoo’s seat is so hot right now, he definitely won’t be feeling the cold winter snap that’s finally hit. (Martin Hill)

32. Cleveland Browns (Previous: #32)

Going into the 4th quarter at 24-24 the Browns were in contention for their first win of the season, but then Matt Stafford and the Lions offense woke up. The Browns remain rooted to the bottom of these rankings and no Moneyball tactics will change it. (Martin Hill)

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