NFL Hot Takes: Here come the Chiefs, there go the Bengals

Sunday told us a lot about the state of the NFL, including where the Lombardi trophy is probably going this season, and where the #1 pick is going.

Week 2 is pretty much in the books, and we’ve seen enough to draw more than a few conclusions about how the 2017 season is going to play out.

These are our Week 2 hot takes!

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl

First, they demolish the Patriots in Foxboro, then they dominate the Eagles at Arrowhead. It was a different kind of domination as well, which makes the Chiefs performances all the more impressive. This week the defense had more QB hits (ten) and tackles for loss (ten) than Alex had incompletions (seven). Of course, there were some similarities too. Kareem Hunt had a long touchdown and Travis Kelce had a dumb penalty.

They have been far and away the most impressive team in the NFL so far.

Seattle won’t make the playoffs

It took them over seven quarters of football against a Packers defense that got shredded last night and a 49ers defense that has been anything but stellar to find the endzone.

Offensively they are one of the worst teams in the NFL, and while the defense has played well so far, we saw last year that one injury can derail the entire unit. With the Rams looking like a far more complete team I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Seattle end up missing the playoffs this season.

Cincinnati will get the #1 pick

For as rough as the Colts and Cardinals have been through two weeks, the Bengals have been worse. They are the only team in the AFC not to score a touchdown and defensively they are one of the easiest to read.

Marv Lewis has been in charge for 230 games (including postseason) and while ownership is consistently fine with the mediocre results, crashing and burning like this is surely a step too far.

It’s not all on Lewis though, owner and general manager Mike Brown has been a disaster of late. Letting quality players walk out the door in free agency while his plan to replace them has fallen through. Tyler Boyd, drafted to replace Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu, was a healthy scratch in Week 2, while Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher have both failed to replace Andrew Whitworth.

The entire organization is in shambles, with reports last night that some players want the team to bring Colin Kaepernick in under center for Andy Dalton. What a disaster.

Philip Rivers is cursed

It was the same old story for Rivers last night. Defense gives up a lead, he marches down field and then watches a game-tying/winning kick miss.

Even when half his offensive weapons were injured over the last few years (further proof of this curse) he was still moving the ball into position, and watching kickers miss. In three of his last four games Rivers has put the ball in position, gone to the sideline, and watched the kicking unit fail.

It’s just another example of the universe not wanting Rivers to succeed. While he was busy out-dueling Peyton Manning in 2005 & 2006, the likes of Marlon McCree fumbled away his chances of a Super Bowl.

Rivers is a great quarterback, but it’s just not going to happen for him.

The Dallas Cowboys are not good

Dallas went into Denver as favorites and left after taking a serious beating at the hands of the Broncos. The 42-17 loss demonstrated more than a few flaws with the Cowboys team that no amount of good press about their young quarterback can make up for. The defense was dominated on the ground and through the air, the offensive line got overmatched on the handful of rushing plays that Scott Linehan called as the thin air seemed to make him forget that sometimes you need to accept a few poor runs to gain a rhythm and keep an offensive balance.

There are some obvious fixes, but they depend on Jason Garrett being able to self-scout and in-the-moment keep his coaches on track. And I’m not sure he is capable of doing that.

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