NFL Fantasy Mailbag: Marshawn Lynch, Rob Kelly, Case Keenum & the Giants

You send us NFL fantasy questions… we give you NFL fantasy answers! Here is the best of Week 7’s Mailbag entries.

 What’s on your mind this week? Let’s take a look: 

1. What do I do with Marshawn Lynch? 

We have probably seen what we can expect from Marshawn Lynch and it is definitely not worth the third-round pick most of his owners used to land him in their NFL fantasy draft. I am not sure if the problem is Lynch or the Raiders coaches being too cautious with his workload. For sure, 9-12 carries per game will not reward you with many fantasy points. It’s probably too late to waive him for Orleans Darkwa, but if there is a worthy replacement on your waiver wire, dump him. If you have a Raiders fanatic who wants Lynch, insist on receiving someone with a higher ceiling in return. Lesson learned for the next draft is that older players come out of retirement are not good investments. 

2. I picked up Orleans Darkwa last week, but now I have Darkwa, Melvin Gordon, CJ Anderson, and Todd Gurley, and no flex position. Who starts?

Todd Gurley is a must-start every week… period. Some will argue that the Broncos matchup makes Gordon a sit, but I don’t buy that. He will get 20-30 touches and make something happen, eventually. CJ Anderson was essentially benched this week. I do not know if Vance Joseph abandoned the run too early or if there is an issue. Until I know, I would sit him. As a Giants fan, I believe Darkwa will beat the Seahawks defense this week, but that is way riskier than Gordon. Go with Gurley and Gordon and be happy you have great trade chips if needed down the road. 

3. Is it time to drop Rob Kelly?

Absolutely not. Kelly will eventually get back on the field and be the principal runner in a bad-weather city in the winter. None of the other Redskin runners have taken advantage of the opportunity Kelly’s injury gave them to take hold of the RB-1 spot. Unless the Redskins pick another running back up via trade, the job is still Kelly’s. 

4. Too early to trust the Giants’ D/ST?

New York always has a better defense in the second half of seasons than the first half. The infighting and backs-against-the-wall mentality of this season worked against Denver. But, they are not a John Elway or Peyton Manning-led Broncos team. Trevor Siemian did not play well at all. Should the Giants repeat the performance against the Seahawks this weekend, I will be more convinced they are back to last year’s form. 

5. I am taking a chance on a rookie quarterback for my second after losing Rodgers. Who is the best bet to pair up with Tyrod Taylor: Trubisky, Beathard, or Hundley?

The only one not set up to fail is Hundley. Trubisky has no wide receivers and a coach on a hot seat. Beathard could eventually be the best, but not this year. That is especially true if San Francisco trades Carlos Hyde as rumored. He is part of a good plan, but not one expected to yield results this season. Hundley, however, walks onto the field with Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, and Martellus Bennett. Ty Montgomery is a great weapon to have as a safety valve, too. If the Packers’ offensive line can stay healthy, Hundley, who is not actually a rookie as he has been in three preseasons with the Packers, is by far the best bet to have NFL fantasy success this year. 

6. A few weeks ago, I started OBJ and Emmanuel Sanders. With Sanders out this week, I have Rishard Matthews, Randall Cobb, Kenny Stills, and Chris Hogan. What to do?

Ouch. So, Cobb has a big question mark at quarterback. Stills has Jay Cutler. Matthews is up against the Browns, which is the easiest matchup but carries a risk of turning into a ground game if the Titans get an early lead. Chris Hogan and Tom Brady missed on three end zone passes last week before Brady seemed to forget about him. But, I think they will pick up their connection soon enough. Hogan and Matthews is your best combo this week. 

7. Would you trust Case Keenum the rest of the season if Bradford can’t come back? I have both. Manning & Dalton are available.

Keenum has excellent receivers around him in Minnesota. Their defense might convince the coaches to run a more conservative offense, but Keenum can open it up if needed. Keenum is doing better than expected this year, although he has been up and down. Remember, he suffered through years of neglect at the hands of the previous Rams’ coaching staff before coming to Minny. He is better than his reputation. Manning and Dalton are not much of an upgrade this season. I would stick with him unless Tyrod Taylor or someone else who can give you over 12-15 points most weeks is out there for you. 

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