NFL Fantasy: Is Jack Doyle a Week 9 must-start?

Jack Doyle had a monster game against Cincinnati as Jacoby Brissett made him his top target. Does that make Doyle a must-start in Week 9?​

Jack Doyle’s has been a tight end streamer candidate almost every week this season. Since Dwayne Allen left for New England, we have been waiting for weekly NFL fantasy stat lines like this: Doyle saw 14 targets in one game! And then he caught 12 of them! And he gained 121 yards! And then he scored a touchdown!

Naturally, his name soared to the top of the waiver acquisitions list this week as millions of NFL fantasy owners dream of 18 points from their tight end position in Week 9.

Is it that simple? Is Jack Doyle finally a must-start based on one game? We better take a closer look. 

How did he do it?

It’s hard to say if Doyle’s big day was by design or default. Cincinnati did a fine job shutting down TY Hilton and all the wide receivers. They caught six of 14 targets combined for 57 yards. The tight end was all Jacoby Brissett had open to work with.

But look a little further back and you see that Doyle was targeted well in the Colts’ previous games, too. In Week 7, Doyle caught six of his seven targets for 44 yards. In Week 6, he saw 11 chances, catching seven for 50 yards and a touchdown. A lost fumble kept Doyle from finishing with a double-digit fantasy score.

So, it looks like the targets are there for Frank Doyle to be a must-start. But where are the fantasy numbers? His touchdown in Week 6 landed him a TE-6 ranking for the week. Without a touchdown, his 44 yards in Week 7 were only the 22nd-best tight end total. 

What’s ahead?

Clearly, Doyle is a favorite target of quarterback Jacoby Brissett. In the six games that both of them played, Brissett has thrown Doyle’s way 52 times. Like every tight end in the league, a touchdown makes the difference between a mid-range day with about 40 yards or a top-ten NFL fantasy finish. 

Unfortunately, Doyle is averaging about 6.5 yards per catch consistently all season. If he will not catch a touchdown, he needs to move farther downfield to make a fantasy impact. 

Doyle competes with TY Hilton and the running backs for targets in a mostly conservative Colts attack. Given the precarious state of their offensive line and the youth at quarterback, the gameplan is not likely to open up much this season.

So, you’re saying…

Jack Doyle offers the floor of a good pass-catching tight end. He will rarely give you less than four points. But he will rarely give you over ten points unless he scores a touchdown. In other words, he is a typical, average tight end.

He is worth a roster spot for those weeks when you cannot land a good streamer at tight end. I will stop short of calling him a weekly must-start, but he has a positive matchup against the Houston Texans this week. He is worth a play in Week 9.

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