Los Angeles Rams: Win in London shows the Rams are ready to roll

The Los Angeles Rams came to London and they demolished the Arizona Cardinals. Sitting atop the NFC West, are the Rams taking over the West?

The Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams faced off tonight at Twickenham Stadium, but the Cardinals may as well have stayed in Arizona. The Rams came out on top with a 33-0 win; they dominated the Cardinals.

Great Win

“Great win for our team today. I thought all three phases did an excellent job and that was the challenge that we had for our guys,” is what Sean McVay had to say about his team’s performance. He is deservedly happy. 

The Rams held the Cardinals to just 209 total yards of offense, forced two turnovers, got three sacks and they even knocked Carson Palmer out for the next eight weeks. The Cardinals started the game pretty well, though. 

On their opening drive the marched down field, moving the ball through the air with apparent ease. Eventually stalling on the Rams 14-yard line. They missed the field goal but not all hope was lost, they had plenty of time. From that moment on, though, the Rams shut them down: the Cardinals had just about a third of their total net yards on their opening drive. In fact, the Cardinals only reached LA territory on three of their next nine drives. 

Offensively, they produced 432 yards, took just one sack, and had one giveaway. Six of the Rams ten (their 11th was the end of game) drives ended inside the Cardinals 20-yard line and seven ended in scores. The lone blemish offensively was their interception, but that didn’t really have any effect on the game – the Rams were already up 26-0. 

It was a complete domination. 

The Rams make a statement

This win brings the Rams to a 5-2 record, they are 2-1 in the division and have a two game lead on the second placed team – the Seahawks are 3-2 but are losing to the Giants at the time of writing. Even if the Seahawks win, this game puts the Rams clearly in the driving seat of the division. But do the Rams see it that way?

“This is a statement win.” According to Samson Ebukam the Rams are the team to beat in the NFC. Michael Brockers seemed to echo that sentiment, “Yeh, I don’t wanna say statement, I think, you know, if anything it’s a statement in our division.” Tavon Austin acknowledged the magnitude of this win too. Though he didn’t say as conclusively that it was a statement, he did say that “a lot of teams will be headhunting” the Rams. 

Head coach Sean McVay was a little less committal to the idea that the Rams were locked in as the team to beat in the NFC West. He said, “We’re 5-2 and we have got nine games left and that’s the thing that I think is good about our team right now… But by no means have we arrived.” He couldn’t be as bullish as some of the players but it’s clear he is feeling good about where his team is. 

The Rams have every right to believe this was a statement. We are now effectively at the halfway point of the season and the Rams are tied as the second best team in the NFC; they are just one game back from the conference leading Philadelphia Eagles. Who, by the way, are yet to play this week. If the Eagles lose the Rams could be tied as the number one team in the NFC by the beginning of Week 8. 

The offense is playing well and showing signs of improvement every week. The defense is doing the same and their special teams has shown the ability to create game changing plays. When asked about how complete his team was, McVay acknowledge that this game was their most complete. They are hitting their stride and heating up as we get to the playoff chase. 

They looked fast, physical, and disciplined in all three phases. This team is ready to roll.

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Remy Cabache

Lifetime sports fan. I have written with RealSport since the NFL section started and I have also written for my own blog (Cabache's Corner), EbonyBird.com, and I have had several articles published in local newspapers covering my local (American) football team.