Los Angeles Rams: Taking over the NFC West

The Rams look good. The Seahawks look bad. Is there a new favorite in the division?

The Los Angeles Rams have surprised a lot of people with their play so far this season. Wins over the Colts and the 49ers have given the Rams a 2-1 start this season, and although those aren’t the most imposing opponents, Los Angeles has beaten them in impressive fashion. 

Seattle, meanwhile, has struggled, falling to the Packers and the Titans. The Seahawks scored just one touchdown in their first two games, and their lone win came in an uninspiring performance against San Francisco. so are the Rams the new favorite in the NFC West?

Turning it around

The Rams suddenly have an offense. The worst scoring team from a year ago has topped 40 points in two of their first three games. Jared Goff, Sammy Watkins, and Robert Woods have the passing attack rolling. Los Angeles is averaging 279.0 yards per game through the air, compared to just 184.4 last season.

Jared Goff has been significantly better than in his rookie year. Goff has already equaled his passing touchdown total from 2016 (five), doing so in four fewer games. Goff has improved every facet of his game, spiking his completion percentage, touchdowns, yards, and yards per attempt, all while only throwing one interception. 

Seattle’s struggles

We’ve seen Seattle get off to slow starts. In the last three years, Seattle’s record in September is 4-5, but this season feels different. The constant inability to give Russell Wilson any help on offense finally seems to be coming to a head. They can no longer run the ball, or protect Wilson long enough to be productive passing. They are stuck, asking Wilson to make amazing play after amazing play, and it seems his bag of tricks is emptying. 

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Los Angeles1st20th6th26th29th11th

The reason Seattle is in trouble this year is their offensive line. This is widely regarded as the worst line in football, and if you can’t block in the NFL today, you can’t win. The Seahawks saw this problem coming last year and neglected it, and now find themselves in a predicament that I don’t think they’ll overcome.

Sending a message

Many have already seen enough to say the Rams are the best team in the division, but if there are doubters the Rams will have the opportunity to shut them all up. Los Angeles will play Dallas and Seattle in their next two games, and the whole league will be watching how they perform. If the Rams want to be taken seriously, these are the games they have to win. Seattle is on their heels, now it’s up to Los Angeles to go and finish them off.

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