Five trade deadline deals that need to happen

The NFL trade deadline is a week away. We look at five moves that need to happen.

The NFL rarely sees in-season trades. Playbooks are complex, chemistry needs too long to develop. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some trades that really need to go down before the October 31 deadline.

  1. 1 Justin Pugh to Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle's offensive line is horrific this season. With the lack of talent across the line they force Russell Wilson to scramble for his life far too regularly.

    Justin Pugh is currently doubtful with a back injury that forced him off the field in Week 7, but provided that it is not a serious issue, the Seahawks should try their hardest to get hold of him.

    With Pugh hitting free agency after this season it would be a cheap rental for the Seahawks, and get the Giants something in return for a player that they are very likely to have to let walk anyway. At 1-6, the Giants aren't going anywhere and need assets for the future. It makes sense for both teams.

  2. 2 Vontae Davis to Philadelphia Eagles

    The Eagles own the best record in the NFL, which is more than a little surprising. They have been fueled by a big improvement from Carson Wentz and great play from the front seven.

    Where they have struggled a little is with outside receivers and man coverage. A solution to that would be trading for another corner, especially with Ronald Darby still on the shelf.

    Davis is quite the force he once was, but he is good in man coverage and an impending free agent. He is the kind of player you can bring in, lineup at outside corner, and just let him go. He would add another string to the defense's bow and give them more coverage depth, which is never a bad thing.

  3. 3 Martavis Bryant to Houston Texans

    The troublesome Steelers receiver has, reportedly, been agitating for a move in recent weeks as his role is being usurped by JuJu Smith-Schuster.

    Houston's passing offense has been a machine with Deshaun Watson under center, but it is heavily reliant on DeAndre Hopkins, who has three times as many receptions as any other wide out or tight end.

    One thing they do well is throwing down field on shock plays to Will Fuller, who has 19.3 yards per catch and five touchdowns on his eight receptions. Bryant is in a similar mold, and two threats would be even better for their offense than one.

    Opening up more passing options for Watson would allow an impressive rookie to really take off.

  4. 4 Carlos Hyde to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    At 0-7, the 49ers are having a miserable season, and having already turned the offense over to rookie quarterback CJ Beathard it looks like they already have their eyes on the 2018 Draft.

    One move that could help them bring in more talent next year would be to flip the impressive Carlos Hyde.

    Despite the team's lack of success, Hyde is still picking up 4.3 yards a carry even though he is the only threat defenses need to pay attention to.

    One team that could really use Hyde's influence on the ground is Tampa Bay. The Bucs are a disappointing 2-4, but still within reach of the NFC South, however they are one of the worst rushing teams in the NFL.

    Doug Martin's inability to be a difference maker is hanging all the responsibility on Jameis Winston, and while the Bucs lead the NFL in passing yards per game (312.3) they are just 10th in points. A boost on the ground is just what the doctor ordered.

  5. 5 Aaron Lynch to New England Patriots

    The ultimate Belichickian move. Lynch picked up 12.5 sacks in his first two seasons in the NFL despite limited snaps, but since 2015 he has been sidelined by injury and scheme, as well as the raft of replacements the 49ers have drafted on the defensive line.

    The Patriots need pass rush help. Lynch has proven he can get after the quarterback and is an undervalued commodity in his current home. He seems primed for a Super Bowl run with New England in return for a 5th round pick, or perhaps part of a Jimmy Garoppolo deal???

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