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07 Mar 2020

Xbox Series X Controller Update: Specs, Patents and more

With fans around the world itching for any and all information on Xbox Series X, Windows Latest has shared some interesting developments regarding the new Xbox Series X controllers.

A patent was published about a thumb-stick with an 'adjustable tensioning mechanism'.

Xbox One Controller patent 696x358 1

BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS: A controller image included in the published patent

What this essentially means, is that players may be able to customise how ridged or loose the thumbstick is.

This may not be a factor to more casual gamers, but for those who prefer to fine-tune their controllers, this is right up their street.

Thumbstick Patent Xbox Series X

SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: A closer look at the thumb-stick itself

As with all patents, there's a chance this won't be the case come release - however we've all got our fingers crossed!