Xbox Live issues put a damper on Xbox Series X launch - Server Status, Multiplayer & more

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Xbox Series X has arrived worldwide, and players are frantically opening their boxes to plug up their consoles and launch their favorite games.

Unfortunately for Xbox Series X players, Xbox Live servers are currently down to technical problems.

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Let's go over the details on how Xbox Live servers may just be a dark cloud over the Xbox Series X launch experience.

Xbox Live Servers Down

Xbox Live servers are currently down with technical issues that are preventing players from signing in.

Xbox Live Servers Down Status Log In Issues
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THE BAD NEWS: Xbox Live servers have gone down at the worst possible time

These issues effect the entire service, which means Xbox Series X players can't access multiplayer or online services for any game.


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For many modern era games, this means Xbox Series X players can't even access many single player game modes like NBA 2K21 MyCAREER, or even launch games like Destiny 2 at all.

Xbox Series X Launch

The Xbox Series X launch day experience has started off with massive excitement.

xbox series x s launch
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THE HYPE IS REAL: Xbox Series X hype is massive, but Xbox Live issues have put a dent in things

After days of gameplay reveals for the next gen consoles brilliant graphics and hardware, players were hyped to get started at home.


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With Xbox Live servers going down, players are severely limited in how they can enjoy the new next gen console.

Xbox Live Server Status

Microsoft currently has teams investigating the Xbox Live server issues and are working to fix them, but we currently have no timeline on a fix.

Xbox Live Servers Down Cant Log In
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XBOX LIVE ISSUES: Core Services going down means players can't sign into Xbox Live

That means Xbox Series X launch day could very well be in the dark for multiplayer and online services.

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As this is a breaking story, we'll update this page with breaking news on Xbox Live servers as it comes!