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09 Nov 2020

Xbox Series X: Microsoft hoping to challenge PS5 with Japanese Studio Acquisition

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The Microsoft Move

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Sony to US

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What does this mean for gamers?

A recent report by Bloomberg has shown that Microsoft has been approaching numerous Japanese Studios.

This has been in a bid to get them to join the Xbox Game Studios Family.

The studios that Microsoft has approached vary in size, with some larger and several smaller studios in talks with the tech giant.

Let’s take a look at the motives behind such a move, and which studios Microsoft already owns!

The Microsoft Move

This latest Studio acquisition attempt for Microsoft is notable as it is on Sony’s home turf.

The latest Microsoft consoles launch this week!

With both next-gen consoles launching this month, it seems that the Xbox manufacturer is attempting to establish a larger market presence.

In 2016, Sony moved its HQ to California. Since then, the US has turned into its largest market.

The Xbox currently has a very minimal market share in Japan, and so, targeting Japanese studios gives the company significant room for expansion.

Sony to US

Following Sony’s disappointing success with the PS4 in Japan, it seems that the company will now be focussing on the US.

As the largest single market for video games in the Western world, the country plays a big part in sales for both console manufacturers.

The latest Sony console launches after the new Xbox

The company has also made a number of Western-centric decisions, even scheduling its launch events around European and American timezones.

What does this mean for gamers?

Well, Microsoft have already acquired both ZeniMax and Bethesda earlier this year.

They have also previously offered an acquisition proposal to Platinum Games, who refused.

Could Microsoft try and acquire Kojima Productions?

An exciting thought for Xbox gamers is the acquisition of Kojima Productions, creators of the Metal Gear series.

If Microsoft were to expand the Xbox Games Studios with another AAA studio, the Xbox exclusives could soon outstrip Sony’s offering.