Xbox Series X VR: Price, Games, specs, release date, pre-order, graphics, Kinect, launch titles, pre-order & more

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Microsoft's Xbox Series X arrives in-store "Holiday 2020", but what about VR gaming?

In fact, Phil Spencer, Xbox Head, has publicly squashed the idea that virtual reality will play a part in their next generation of consoles.

In summary, he stated that "nobody's asking for VR".


Nevertheless, we shouldn't completely write off VR making an appearance at some point. Keep reading to find out why.

Twitter user WalkingCat claimed to have found two US patents filed in March 2018 by Microsoft - which are now available on FreePatentsOnline website

One describes a "six-degrees-of-freedom input device", while the other is filled as a "virtual reality floor mat activity region".

The images that accompany text suggest that Microsoft could be developing a boundary mat, stylus, and set of motion controllers for virtual reality, with a VR headset and Xbox Kinect camera visible in some of the sketches.

It's worth saying at this point that just because a patent has been filed it does not mean that this hardware is confirmed.

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Still, with Valve recently announcing that the new Half-Life, Alyx, will be a VR game - demand for VR may pick up substantially.

Let's wait and see.

Xbox 2020 pre-order and price

Xbox Series X isn't quite available for pre-order yet - but it will be soon we think.

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HIGH TECH - VR won't be a priority for the next Xbox, however, it could feature in the future!


However, if you sign up for Xbox All Access, you can upgrade to a Series X starting Holiday 2020.

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Price-wise, you can currently pick up an Xbox One X from £400 so the Xbox Series X will probably come in at about the same level. Maybe a bit more.

Xbox 2020 specs

xbox series x specs 12 teraflops rate shading raytracing
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BEAT THAT: Sony will have trouble beating that


Xbox Series X will be Microsoft's most powerful console ever. Powered by their custom-designed processor leveraging AMD’s latest Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures.

Delivering four times the processing power of an Xbox One and enabling developers to leverage 12 TFLOPS of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) performance – twice that of an Xbox One X and more than eight times the original Xbox One.

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Their patented form of variable rate shading (VRS) empowers developers to more efficiently utilize the full power of the Xbox Series X. Rather than spending GPU cycles uniformly to every single pixel on the screen, they can prioritize individual effects on specific game characters or important environmental objects.

You can expect more dynamic and realistic environments powered by hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing – a first for console gaming. This means true-to-life lighting, accurate reflections and realistic acoustics in real-time as you explore the game world.

According to insider sources, the next Xbox will be more powerful than the PS5 and "set the benchmark" for console gaming.

What about PSVR?

To read about PlayStation's VR plans for PS5 head here...