16 Nov 2020 11:38 AM +00:00

Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5: Update 1.003.001, Patch Notes & more!

The latest Spider-Man title is an absolute hit for fans of the superhero.

The game's graphics are phenomenal, especially on next-gen, and the narrative is rich.

However, games don't come without a few hiccups along the way!

With that said, the latest update is out now for Miles Morales on PS5, Update 1.003.001.


Update 1.003.001

The latest update will likely be a small one to patch some launch issues.

A number of small bugs were found by players over the weekend so we're sure these will be addressed.

Spider Man Miles Morales
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Unfortunately, PS5 and Insomniac Games have not yet released any Patch Notes.


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As such, we do not know the exact contents of the update, but as soon as we do, you will to!

More to follow soon!