Spider-Man Miles Morales: PS4 saves will transfer to PS5

We are so hyped for Spider-Man Miles Morales on next-gen later this week.

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There has been a lot of talk about save transfer and whether games would allow this between generations of console. Thankfully, for the most part, games are able to do this, and Spider-Man MM is one of them!

Two Games Included

Developers Insomniac have confirmed that anybody who purchases the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales on PS5 will also get to replay a remastered version of Spider-Man PS4 that takes full advantage of the new console’s improved graphics.

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EVERYTHING IN UHD: You'll be getting two games for the price of one with MM

Back in September, Insomniac stated that players wouldn’t allow gamers to export save data from the PS4. However, Insomniac revealed on Twitter that a forthcoming update will enable save transfers.

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In other words, you won't need to start Peter Parker’s adventure over from the start when you move to next-gen. Unless you want to, of course.


Is there anything new in Remastered?

There are some new goodies included in the remastered edition. This includes new trophies and photo mode features.

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Aside from its myriad graphical enhancements, the game also notably features Ben Jordan stepping in as the new facial model for Peter.

What about the PS4 version?

Insomniac aren’t leaving PS4 owners out of the fun, there are some new features coming their way too. The new update will also add the three new suits from Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered to the PS4 version.

One of these is Andrew Garfield’s suit from the first Amazing Spider-Man movie.

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THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN: Garfield's suit will be available in the PS4 version of the game

Insomniac previously confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered won’t be available as a free upgrade to PS4 owners.

Additionally, the studio has no plans to give the remaster a physical release.

Release Date

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be released worldwide on both PS4 and PS5 on 12th November.