PS5 Stock Update: Major drops coming today!

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Stock levels are finally starting to level out as thousands of consoles are being shipped to store almost daily.

This could be the week that you're finally able to purchase a PS5.


Major Restocks Coming Today

It is being reported that GAME, Very, and John Lewis will be releasing new stock today.

According to @PS5StockAlertUK we can expect to see these retailers release new stock today, with more retailers following over the rest of the week.

"Major Retailer Predictions - GAME, Very & John Lewis (23rd-25th)
- Argos (25th-26th)
- Amazon (30th-1st)
- Smyths (31st-2nd)
These are only predictions. Retailers not on this list mean we have no information or expectancies from them. More info soon."


The same Twitter account has also reported that GAME is now receiving more stock than other retailers and is shipping out 3,000-4,000 consoles per day after a stock drop and is expected to release another 12,000 over the coming days.

It is also worth noting that pricing for the console listings on GAME's website have now been updated, signalling a restock is coming.

PS5 GAME pricing 23 3 21

No Longer Profitable For Scalpers?

Stock of the new PS5 is finally levelling out, many players are now starting to secure the consoles, which means that the scalpers aren't out in force at the same level they once were.


On sites such as CEX and eBay, the selling price of the consoles has dropped dramatically, with them regular selling for £900 a few months ago, and now selling for around £600.

As the demand for scalped prices goes down, many scalpers will give up on it which will open up more stock to the public, so that's great news for everyone.

But, if you have to have a new console now and can't wait for new stock, you do have a few options, although we don't recommend them.

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CEX is a chain brand that sells used entertainment items from games, films, computer parts, mobile phones and more.

Because of this they don't have to follow pricing laws and can instead set their own laws.


They do sell both versions of the PS5, but be prepared to pay more than RRP for them.

At the time of writing the prices are:


Like CEX, if you're prepared to pay more than RRP and aren't that bothered whether the box has been opened before, then Ebay is one place to consider.

One thing to note is, since you may be dealing with individual sellers there may be a risk involved, so be prepared for that before you bid/purchase.

You can find the consoles here: