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19 Nov 2019

PlayStation 5: Sony's controller patent showcases new DualShock design

Sony has just filed a patent featuring a rendered image of the new DualShock 5 controller's design for the PS5.

While its appearance is, of course, subject to change over the coming months, the patent image looks very similar to the DualShock 4 controller, featuring the same overall button layout.

The design is noticeably thicker and more circular, featuring larger adaptive triggers and slightly smaller sticks.

Follow this piece for more information on the DualShock 5 controller's design.

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New features

The thicker, more circular design can be attested to a need for more internal space in the controller.

While the DualShock 5 looks rather similar to the DualShock 4, it's performance will be far superior

Along with the adaptive triggers, new rumble and audio improvements might necessitate more internal space, resulting in a slightly bigger controller.

The adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will work together to provide various levels of resistance to simulate the environment that they are being used in.

The controller will showcase a touch-sensitive pad, but a USB port implies that wireless charging may not be a feature

This means that sand and mud will feel slow and sticky, and running on ice will be imitated by a high-frequency response in the thumbsticks, making it feel like your character is sliding.

Even jumping in a pool will result in a sense of the resistance from the water!

Other news

In other news, Sony's chief financial officer has stated that the development of PS5 games is "proceeding smoothly".

This is following a recent investors call, which reassured us that affordability was of paramount concern to the developers.