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14 Jan 2020

PS5 Reveal: Sony to unveil new console at NYC event?

PS5 Reveal: Sony to unveil new console at NYC event?

Now that Sony have snubbed E3 once again, could their upcoming event host the next-gen reveal?

2020 is set to be a huge year for gamers - we will take the leap in to the next generation of consoles thanks to Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Sony's PS5.

Recently however, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding when Sony will be unveiling their next-gen console.

We now know that Sony are set to snub E3 once again, which has left gamers wondering when we'll get our first glimpse of the new console.

Well, it may well be sooner than you think!

Experience Playstation

Sony have announced they are hosting a month-long event to celebrate 25 years of play, running from January 14th to February 16th.

The event will take place at its Sony Square NYC store, with the official description stating that it will focus on a collection of titles from PS4 and PS VR.

However, the timing of this event has fans wondering whether it will be host to the official reveal of the PS5 - especially as the company recently confirmed they will not be attending E3 2020.

Surely it's too early for a reveal?

Some may well argue that it seems unlikely Sony would reveal before E3 2020, instead opting to let Microsoft show their hand first.

However, the sony loyalists amongst you may well remember that the PS4 was first unveiled at a New York based Sony event, dubiously named 'Playstation Meeting', back in February 2013.

So, now that another Sony NYC event is arriving in February on the year of the next-gen console's release, it's understandable why many are putting two and two together and making five...

So for now, we'd recommend keeping one eye on Experience Playstation, just in case of a surprise reveal.

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