PS5 Controller: Reddit leaks, Devkit images, Xbox Series X latest news

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Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X are both arriving in late 2020 - however, Sony is yet to reveal the appearance of their next-gen console.

As you'd expect there have been a number of leaks online, with the gaming community attempting to work out as much as they can about the next-gen console.


Leaked images first emerged of the devkit for the PS5 back in November, but this it is unlikely that this is what the new console will look like.

Nevertheless, we do now have some idea of how the new DualShock 5 controllers will look.

Official PS5 logo revealed at CES!

The PS5 logo has finally been officially revealed and you won't be shocked at its look...

That's right, the logo looks exactly the same as the PS4 logo except with the number 5.

Despite the anticlimactic announcement, the reveal has got fans seriously hyped for the next-gen console with fans hungry for any information they can get their eyes on.


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Reddit leaked images

Spotted by eagle-eyed Reddit user Browning9978, we have a close up of the DualShock 5 controller.

First posted on Facebook by someone named Patrick, he had the pleasure of cleaning a prototype of the PS5.

The new PS5 controllers are allegedly larger than their predecessors, due to more features coming to the gamepad.

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Much like the vibrations of DualShock, there will be greater feedback from the controller, including levels of resistance that reflect the game you are playing.

Trekking through mud or sand? Expect the joysticks to be tougher to move. Flying through the air? Then you should just breeze through without any trouble.

What about the Xbox Series X controller?

Microsoft confirmed the new Xbox will arrive later this year, revealing the Xbox Series X family.

It promises to be far more powerful than the Xbox One X, which currently sits as the flagship current-gen console in Microsoft’s Xbox family.

Here we go through everything we know about the controller and what we would like to see.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller isn’t a far cry from the existing Xbox One version.


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Bumpers and rumble triggers remain, but Microsoft claims the pad’s “size and shape have been refined to accommodate an even wider range of people”.

This means it’s ever so slightly smaller than before.

Elsewhere, a PS4-style ‘share’ button, making it easier to upload clips and screenshots is featured, while the D-pad has transitioned from a cross shape to a circle style similar to that of the Elite controller’s.

The new controller comes with the Xbox Series X consoles, but are also compatible with Windows PCs and the Xbox One.

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