30 Nov 2020 12:29 PM +00:00

PS5: Is your console louder than others?

Son’y new PS5 console is now available, although stock is extremely limited due to exceedingly high demand.

However, are there inconsistencies in manufacturing? Check out below.

Launch Issues


The launch for PS5 has been huge with stock selling out almost instantly.

Such high demand has seen Sony claim it was their “biggest console launch ever”.

However, aside from the difficulty in actually buying one, there have only been a handful of issues actually concerning the consoles themselves.

The odd story of them malfunctioning is frustrating but expected for a new product, but the differing fan noises piqued the interest of one French news outlet.

Odd Fan Out

Les Numeriques has looked deeper into the reports of differing noise levels coming from PS5 consoles.

After deconstructing the consoles, they discovered that two different fan models had been used in the PS5’s.


One of the consoles produced a louder hum than the other, although there is no way of knowing which fan model you have unless you perform a complete teardown of your console!

Most of us won’t want to do that, so we may never know!

Different Fan Models

The French news outlet did not stop after just two consoles though.

They ended up disassembling one review unit and four others, finding three consoles with the louder fan and two with the quieter one.

There are also rumours of a third, almost silent fan, although these are unconfirmed.

Despite one fan being louder than the other, the audible difference is minimal.