25 Nov 2020 12:16 PM +00:00

PS5: Fraudsters run rife as people sell PHOTOS of PS5's online

The PS5 launch was messy to say the least.

Many sites crashed and went down, and a lot of companies missed their PS5 launch window completely.

Some were lucky enough to nab one, however, many weren't, and have since resorted to other means.


Some are even falling for ads of photos of the console, not the console itself.

Let's take a look at some of these ads now, and what you can do to avoid them!

Photos of PS5

These listings are currently on eBay UK, and there are plenty of them.

ps5 accessories
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PRICEY: Some people are paying top dollar for the console

A lot of them even include the word 'Photo' in the title, but people are still bidding on the console.


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One ad has hit bids of over £20,000. However, we hope this is someone trolling the fraudsters or potentially even a bot!

Many of the other bids range from £150 to over £700, so we hope more people aren't falling for this trick.

ps5 controller
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CONTROLLER: The new DualSense is phenomenal

You can check out the ads here, although make sure to not place any bids!


Where can I buy a PS5?

There are a number of things those looking to buy a PS5 can do.

Firstly, we recommend waiting for the next batch of consoles to drop, which could be on Black Friday, as some retailers will have limited stock.

ps5 media remote
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CHILL TIME: The console even has a dedicated media remote

Secondly, it could be worth asking your friend who may have ended up ordering two consoles.


If so, they may have a spare one that you can purchase off them, who is someone you trust.

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Finally, sites like CeX are selling the console. Although the price is marked up if you really can't wait then it is a good choice to go for.

Just be warned that you will be paying a premium over the console's RRP, so be sure you can't wait if you go for this option!