PS5 DualShock 5 Wishlist: Customisable features, Wireless charging, PS4 compatibility, Ergonomic design & more

Despite announcements being made late last year about the PS5's 'Holiday 2020' release, we haven't heard a thing about it since.

There have been more 'controller patent leaks' in recent months than we know what to do with, and with very little confirmed so far by Sony, our guess is as good as any.

So, with that in mind, we've formulated our wishlist for what we want the new controller to feature.

Previous patent leaks have shown the new remote to be noticeably thicker and more rounded, but we're going a little deeper than that.

Continue reading for more information on our DualShock 5 wishlist.

Wireless charging

In a recently leaked design patent, there were mentions of wireless charging.

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REWIRED: The notion of wireless charging is something that has excited the PlayStation community

Though this patent was pretty difficult to digest, the idea that it was trying to iterate was actually pretty great.

The idea is that the remote would have to be charged on a wireless pad while not in use.

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Though you won’t have to constantly be plugging in your controller mid-session, wireless charging could present a problem for those who run out of charge mid-match.

It seems pretty improbable that the designers would leave such a glaring error in the controller's design, so we would love to see what happens when the design is officially unveiled.

Customisable features

There have been reports of a thicker, more circular design of the DualShock 5 being attested to a need for more internal space in the controller.

ps5 controller
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BULKING SEASON: A patent emerged in December 2019, outlining the allegedly new design of the DualShock 5

We really want to see this change being effectively implemented, as PlayStation designs have gotten more and more ergonomic with each generation of console.

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Along with the new shape of the controller, the adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, new rumble and audio improvements might necessitate more internal space, resulting in a slightly bigger controller.

The adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will work together to provide various levels of resistance to simulate the environment that they are being used in.

Compatability with current-gen

It has emerged that the Xbox Series X controllers packaged with next-gen consoles will also be compatible with Windows PCs and the Xbox One.

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CONNECTING GAMERS: Nothing would be worse than if PS4 players were left isolated by the upgrade to next-gen

We really want to see this feature being used in the DualShock 5 remotes.

Not only would it be relatively simple to accomplish, but it will also ensure that current-gen users will not feel isolated or left behind by the move to next-gen.

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