PS5: Dualsense vs Xbox Series X Controller - Comparison, Gameplay, Titles & More

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With the recent reveal of how the Playstation 5 controller will look and feel, many fans have been feeling a mixture of excitement yet at the same time disappointment.

With everyone's expectations for the next generation of console controllers being sky high, can the companies live up to them?

Will it end up being the superior controller? Or will it fail to live up to everyone's dream controller expectations?

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Here is a breakdown of everything we know so far about the controllers, how they compare to each other and how certain games will play on them.

Xbox Series X Controller

Many gamers when considering which console to go for in the next-gen console war, will first look to the controllers.

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SERIES X: It may look similar but it packs a very different punch.


The battle already on, as both Microsoft and Sony have released promos on how the controllers will look, which have received mixed views from fans.

But the most important question is, how do they compare to one another?

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First up is the controller for the Xbox Series X.

On first glance, it looks very similar to the Xbox One controller, but is it the same?

It seems like Microsoft has deliberately designed the new controller to look almost exactly like its predecessor.

However, when it comes to the specs, there are some major differences - the most notable being the share button, following in the footsteps of the Nintendo Switch and PS4.


On the first glance, the design of the controller is clearly different from the PS4, most notably the white and black contrast that immediately catches the eye.

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NEW DIRECTION: The black and white contrast has surprised many fans.


When it comes to the key specs, Sony has gone the opposite direction to Microsoft and have ditched the share button in favour of a create button.

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The controller will also feature a built-in microphone and adaptive triggers which will let developers customise the triggers' resistance. Which opens up a world of opportunities.


When it comes to the controllers however, the real need to know element is how the games will actually play.

Cyberpunk 2077 shop graphic
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NIGHT CITY: Cyberpunk 2077 will be a different game on PS5 with this new controller


Will it be a more enhanced experience from its predecessors?

The short answer is of course, yes.

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With the Dualshock PS5 controller, the new triggers should lead to an interesting change in gameplay. It will be very interesting to see how big titles like Cyberpunk 2077 will play out with the new features.

The Xbox Series X controller's new share button will make playing upcoming titles like Halo: Infinite more exciting due to the ease of sharing content.

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RETURN OF THE MAC: Master Chief's return will be even more incredible on the new system's controller

At the moment it's still early days to make a full assessment of the capabilities of both controllers without seeing them in action.

However, one thing that remains certain in that both controllers have upped their performance from the previous generation and that can only mean good things.