PS5 Design: NEW Fan-Made Concepts, Details, Reddit and more

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Next generation consoles have been the talk of much of the gaming industry for sometime now.

It would be understandable to see why every piece of information on the upcoming PS5 is welcomed by most people, especially when it comes to design.

PS5 reportedly boasts some powerful specs, and with the official reveal of the PS5 controller 'DualSense' it's a safe bet to say fans are excited to see more of the upcoming console.


With no official reveal of the PS5 Design as of yet, and the console set to release in Holiday 2020, many will have to wait to catch their first glimpse of what's to come.

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Luckily, there are some very talented designers out there who have taken a crack at what the design could look like, and the latest concepts have reportedly gone down well online.

Let's take a closer look!

'Not like a PS4 Slim'

Reddit user ruddi2020 posted the following concept online and it has been met with some quite favourable comments thus far.

Users such as milksteak_96, wrote that it was,

'one of the most original renders (he'd) seen & it makes sense. tired of seeing ps5 concepts that look like ps4 slims.'

ps5 2
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NICE CURVES: The design is a departure from the aesthetic we've seen so far

The latter part of milksteak_96's comment could be seen as interesting from a Playstation fan's perspective. However, not all PS5 Concepts look like ps4 slims, as shown with the collection in our previous PS5 Design article.


USB Ports?

It could be argued that a general consensus amongst games is that a lack of USB ports could be a frustrating feature.

This was addressed in the comments section by one of the users, who had something funny to say about the lack of USB ports in the design:

'You're a monster. Only 1 USB port on the back? What do you think this is, 2013'

PS5 4
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THE ONE AND ONLY: The only USB port available in the concept design


Memory Card

Looking at the previous picture you'll also see the inclusion of a memory card concept.

Some users were quick to voice their opinion on whether it was needed to mock up the card at all.

User Moistmorsel1 writes that 'The memory card won't happen. It'll be internal.' Either way, the memory card certainly looks in-keeping with the design as a whole.

Unique shape

PS5 3
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DIPPING LOW: The concept shows off a new design which has a groove in the middle


The unique shape on display with the new concept design received a mixted reception online.

To loosely summarise, many thought the renders were created well, but questioned the viability of such a design. User BiosNova writes that:

'Yeah looks nice but I can just see the dust building in those vents!'

These are just reactions and comments on Reddit however, but going on design rather than viability alone - the concept appears to looks great.

Game Cases

PS5 1
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THE FULL PACKAGE: Controller, console and games all together


Interestingly, the design doesn't stop at the console - extending to the video game cases also.

Ghost of Tsushima and Dying Light 2 are on display, with the blue matching the colour of the PS5 DualSense controller lights.

A nice touch to complete the picture of what has been a very well received design so far.

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For all the latest on PS5 Design, rumours, fan-made concepts and more: keep checking back in.