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04 Feb 2020

PlayStation 5: Pre-orders start in March claims new leak

PlayStation 5: Pre-orders start in March claims new

Fans may be able to lock down their next-gen console a lot sooner than you'd think. Get saving!

The console war is coming, with both Sony and Microsoft dropping ultra-powerful next-gen consoles later this year.

While the Xbox Series X claims to be incredibly powerful, the PS5 will more than hold its own in battle.

Speculation is rife about just when either company will launch their next console.

We already know that Sony will not be attending E3 2020, leaving the stage to Microsoft, but they could be pre-empting the gaming convention. Leaks suggest there could be a launch event this month!

And a new leak claims that gamers will be able to reserve their console soon too...

PS5 pre-orders

The leaker, @PSErebus, has previous and was spot-on with their claims about The Last of Us 2.

The claim is that in a PlayStation event in March, the Japanese gaming giant will announce the opening of pre-orders for the new console.

The accuracy of this leak is always questionable, but given the previous it seems prudent to get ready for something from Sony.

Gamers should start saving their pennies as the reported price of the PS5 is between £400-500, which will certainly put a dent in your wallet.

New controller leak

A new patent has surfaced for the new PS5 controller, with it named the DualShock 5.


IMPROVED FUNCTIONALITY: Two or four additional inputs can be seen on the back of the DS5 controller

The DualShock 5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. This was leaked on the PlayStation France website.

Two to four new buttons on the back of the controller resemble the Xbox Elite, as Sony come up with ways to tackle an area where Microsoft have the lead.

SONY SLIP UP: PlayStation France’s PS4 console comparison accidentally included info on the DS5 controller

Spot the bottom of the table, all three versions of the PS5 will be compatible with the “DS5” – DualShock 5.

With this leak following on from the news of the add-on to the DualShock 4 controller that was announced in December, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.