PlayStation 5: Patent details improvements to Multiplayer & Game Invite System

Another week, another PlayStation 5 patent leak!

This time, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s patent suggests that the next PlayStation console will arrive with changes to how multiplayer and game invites will work.

Continue below for all the details.

The Patent

A recent patent with the United States Patent & Trademark Office reveals that Sony has been conducting some experiments on how parties interact with each other.

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Allegedly, when a player accepts an invite on the next-gen console, it will trigger something to launch the game alongside the game that they are already playing.

It basically sounds like an expanded version of the quick start rest mode feature.

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This is a rather awkwardly-worded way of saying that players will get a preview of what their mates are doing when they send over an invite.

This notion fits in with reports from the back end of 2019, that the PlayStation 5 will be capable of running multiple applications at once.

While this certainly isn't a game-changing feature, it is a nice quality-of-life improvement that emanates the upcoming leap to next-gen.

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This sort of dual-process advancement is typical of the PlayStation 5’s increased processing power and capability to run multiple programs at any one time.

This is something we can expect to see expanded upon as the console gets older and technology improves.