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PlayStation 5: New launch ad claims the PS5 has no limits featuring Travis Scott

The launch of next-gen consoles is just around the corner now, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new hardware.

That being said, the official PlayStation Twitter account has just tweeted out a new advert showcasing the PS5.

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A NEW GENERATION: The Next-Gen Sony console will launch soon

Coupled with a powerful voiceover from Travis Scott and depictions of explorers of the past, the ad is incredibly powerful.

Let’s take a closer look at the ad now!

The PS5 Launch Ad

The ad itself depicts various explorers of the past, from the first space exploration to the first flight across the Atlantic and the first people to climb Everest.

The text coupled with the ad states that “our goal has always been to create a spot that feels epic and iconic”.

That feeling has truly been nailed here, as the epic visuals blend perfectly with the iconic script of narrator Travis Scott.



The theme of the ad, as is apparent by now, is exploration.

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The various explorers all pushed the boundaries of what was known to be possible, an idea that Sony want to be synonymous with the PS5.

“We are all explorers” the ad states, as we will soon be able to use the consoles incredible hardware to explore, ourselves.

The console

The next Sony console is once again featured in this launch ad for the PlayStation 5.

The PS5 shows up at the end of the ad, next to a PS5 controller with a starry-sky themed background.

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SPACESHIP INBOUND: The console's aesthetics suit the ad well

The console's spaceship-esque aesthetic couple well with this space theme, and make for a tremendous viewing experience.


PS5 Pre-order, Price and Release Date

The console is currently unavailable for pre-order, as the console sold out in short amount of time when launched!

If you do manage to find a trusted seller, the standard disc version of the PS5 is £449.99.

The digital version of the console is £349.99 but comes without a disc drive.

The PS5 launches on November 12 in the US and November 19 in the UK.