Xbox Series X: Microsoft officially trademark the consoles new slogan

The next-gen consoles are set to redefine gaming. Xbox Series X’s new slogan hints at lofty goals.

by Remy Cabache

As this new year goes on we will of course be given more and more to be excited about regarding the next generation of consoles.

Yesterday, at CES, PlayStation released the official PS5 logo along with confirming five new hardware features we’ll see on the new console.

For Xbox it was an even quieter CES, but this morning did bring the news of Xbox trademarking the slogan for the Xbox Series X, further signaling their goal to create the best console on the market.

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The slogan, ‘Power Your Dreams’, enables fans to assume the console will be powerful enough to set new limits of what you can produce and see in gaming, allowing you to really pursue all of your gaming dreams.

Put it on everything

CATCHY: Microsoft want the Series X to revolutionize gaming

Microsoft filed for five trademarks with the United States Patent & Trademark office in the last week of December.

They cover the obvious areas, such as gaming and online entertainment, but they’ve gone one step further to trademark the phrase for all clothing, too. So get ready for ‘Power Your Dreams’ to appear everywhere as Microsoft hype their next-gen console.

Slogan galore

Each new console release by Microsoft has brought with it a new slogan, painting the picture of big aspirations and truly elite gaming.

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The Xbox 360 boasted the slogan ‘Jump In’, prompting gamers to immerse themselves in games on the total package for a console.

The Xbox One launched with ‘Jump Ahead’ showing they’d gone a ways further than they had with the 360.

When the One X released they flipped the slogan to the ‘World’s Most Powerful Console’, leaving nothing to interpretation.

What do we know?

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Other than the slogan, we know nothing else new about the Series X.

At CES, AMD showed renders of the Xbox Series X during their briefing, though they have since confirmed they were not renders of the real product. Therefore we are yet to know anything of the appearance other than the front-on pictures we have already seen.

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2020 is shaping up to be a huge year for gaming, be it in the cloud, on a console or on your phone, and this new slogan lets us start to dream of what the Series X has in store.

Remy Cabache