Next-Gen in-demand: PS5 beats Xbox Series X to most wanted console of 2020!

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The battle of the consoles is always a big one, and this will no doubt remain the same for next gen hardware.

The most in demand console, according to search agency Rise at Seven, is the PS5, dominating a massive proportion of the global market.

xbox ps5 next to each other
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BATTLE OF THE BEHEMOTHS: Who will be on top this time round?

This seems to indicate that the PS5 is set to continue the Sony vs Microsoft trend, as the PS4 also outsold the Xbox One.

Let’s take a closer look at the statistics now!

The Numbers – PS5 vs Xbox Series X

The report uses Google search data and existing market share to work out where each console is most popular.

PS5 market share
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IT'S A WAR: The PS5 dominates 148/161 counties (or 84% of the global market)

This data is then shown as a percentage, with a higher percentage demonstrating a larger market share.

As an example, the PlayStation 5 tipped the scales in the UK, taking a slight advantage at 57% of the market.

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In China, however, and with neighbouring Japan being the birthplace of the PlayStation, the most in-demand console was the Xbox.

PS4 vs Xbox One

Unfortunately for Xbox fans, the Sony built console has dominated the market for years.

With the PS4 vs Xbox One debate, the PS4 sold just over 47 million units in Europe, compared to the Xbox’s 12 million.

ps4 pro
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IN DEMAND: The PS4 has previously beaten the Xbox One to most wanted console

Globally, the demand for the PS4 more than doubled the Xbox One, with over 110 million PS4’s sold.

The global demand for the Xbox One has led to sales of just under 50 million units.

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