New Xbox One Controllers: Design, Details, Rumours and everything else you need to know

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News is surfacing that we'll be seeing new hardware for the Xbox One very soon!

With fans having to wait until Holiday 2020, we're hearing reports that Microsoft will be throwing us a bone - in the shape of two special edition Xbox One controllers.

Xbox One Controllers
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IF IT AIN'T BROKE: Microsoft will be making minor, but meaningful changes.

Xbox insider Brad Sams says that from what he's heard, we could expect to see the new Xbox One controllers shown in March 2020.


Hybrid D-Pad

If the changes to the Xbox Series X controller are anything to go by, we could see some interesting tweaks to the new Xbox One controller.


Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that there would be no need to "go back to square one" with designing the new controllers and that they were "listening to fans."

The new Xbox is expected in November 2020
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SMOOTH OPERATOR: A Hybrid D-Pad was created in response to fan feedback

The hybrid D-pad will make an appearance on the Xbox Series X and more than likely with the Xbox One too.

Share Button

A share button will also feature on the Xbox Series X controller.

xbox series x 1
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SHARE THE LOVE: Players will be able to share recordings with ease, thanks to the design changes.


Again a minor change, but one that's important for players who enjoy sharing images and recordings.

We can't wait to get our first hands-on with the new controllers. Keep checking in for all the latest updates!

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