PlayStation 5: New concept design is stunning and features wireless charging!

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After seeing what the devkit PlayStation 5 looked like, this new concept design is much closer to what we would expect from Sony.

The MediaMarkt Saturn concept doesn't follow the design of the PS3 or PS4, but it is very easy on the eyes, featuring rounded edges and a compact look.

On top of that, there are big openings for fans along the side of the console, as well as sleek edge lighting.

Though the concept design isn’t that exciting in itself, the new Dualshock 5 controllers are a sight for sore eyes.

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CONCEPT - The Dualshock 5 will feature wireless charging and a new feedback panel

It follows the same style as the Dualshock 4 but with a twist - the feedback panel that was on the top has been replaced with a touchscreen, for additional functionality.

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According to Sony's official announcement, their next-gen console will release before the holiday 2020 and bring a huge performance upgrade with it.

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THE BALLS - The company intends to cut all loading times and add backward compatibility

In related Playstation 5 news, Sony intends to cut the price for its upcoming console in order to bring more players to their system, so that they can focus on extending their game library with first-party titles. 

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We don’t know what the initial Playstation 5 price will be, but after the recent investors call, an educated guess would come in at around the £450-£500 mark.

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GAME ON - Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of many games rumoured for the next-gen console

Playstation 5 will launch late next year at the same time as Xbox’s Project Scarlett, and we can’t wait to see what features the next-gen consoles will bring.

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In the meantime, kick back and enjoy looking at PlayStation’s amazing new exclusive titles - we will be back with more news on the Playstation 5 in the months to come.

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