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Hogwarts Legacy: Will the new morality system feel like Red Dead Redemption 2?

The latest game from the Harry Potter franchise is the RPG, Hogwarts Legacy.

Set in the late 1800’s it will enable you to choose your very own House (unless the Sorting Hat decides otherwise.

As the game is an RPG, you’ll be able to explore the great depths of Hogwarts itself, as well as Hogsmeade Village and the Forbidden Forest.

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COMING SOON: The game is set for a 2021 release

The game will allow you to upgrade your spells and abilities as you progress, making you ever more powerful.

But how will Hogwarts Legacy’s morality system work? And will it be similar to other games?

Morality in Hogwarts Legacy

As with most RPGs, the decisions you make will influence the way you play the game, and indeed how the game is shaped.

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FRIEND OR FOE: You'll be met with multiple fan-favourites (or not) throughout the game

A recent Q&A on the Warner Bros site revealed this feature.

When responding to the question “How do you play Hogwarts Legacy?” they answered, “Players … will encounter missions … that challenger their morality”.

This will likely be scenarios in which you are tasked with saving a fellow pupil, standing up against a bully and so on.

This will then “determine what they stand for”, the answer said, likely meaning that the behaviour characters in the game towards you will be influenced by the decisions you make.


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It may even affect the visuals of the game; could bad characters have black smoke when apparating, similar to the death eaters?

Morality in Red Dead Redemption 2

With regards to morality in RDR2, this element of the game was far more pre-determined.

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GOOD GUYS: It was a lot easier to be a good guy in RDR2

When opting for the ‘bad’ choice, the game was often made harder, making choosing the ‘good’ path far easier.

We are not yet sure if this will be true with Hogwarts Legacy, however, the franchise has a history of preferring protagonists, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see this the case!


Hogwarts Legacy Release date & price

The game is set for a release next year, in 2021, but no official date is provided yet.

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You can currently pre-order the game on Smyth’s Toys for £64.99, with the game all current-gen and next-gen hardware.