YouTube DOWN: Updates, Can't Load Videos, Server Status, Timeline & more

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Youtube went down for hundreds of thousands of users Wednesday night, causing viewers to not be able to load videos.

LATEST NEWS: YouTube is Fixed!

YouTube went down for hours with users not able to load videos.

That problem is now fixed, however, as the YouTube team have found the cause!

YouTube Team Are Working on Servers

It seems that the team at YouTube are now aware of the issue, and are working towards a solution!

Youtube Down Servers Status Cant load videos 1
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THERE'S HOPE YET!: YouTube is on the case

We can only hope it comes quickly, as videos are not loading, and hundreds of thousands of users are stuck waiting!

YouTube is Down

YouTube is down, and for those without next-gen consoles to enjoy, it's quite a problem. It's left users unable to load videos, while still being able to load the rest of the site.

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WHAT DO WE DO NOW?: Youtube servers are down according to hundreds of thousands of users - and there's no word on recovery yet

Since YouTube is one of the most used websites in the world, we expect repairs will come quickly. But for now, users will not be able to load videos on YouTube for the time being.

As this is a breaking story, we'll update as news comes in.

Things to do while YouTube is down

Users are understandably frustrated without the ability to watch videos on YouTube.


Thankfully, there are some other places you can go.

For starters, watching livestreams on is a great entertainment alternative.

Others include Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and if you're desperate, Vimeo is another web video alternative.

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