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Xbox Series S: This Is How Much Usable SSD Space It Has

The next generation of consoles are right around the corner, with the Xbox Series X and S due out on November 10th, while the PS5 will release on November 12th/19th depending on region.

Both platforms will feature a digital only version of the console, with Xbox having the Xbox Series S, while the PS5 has the all-digital PS5.

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Xbox Series S vs Digital PS5

This generation there will be a digital only version for each platform.

xbox ps5 next to each other
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NEXT GEN: The Xbox Series X/S and PS5 are releasing in the coming weeks.

The Xbox Series S is a weaker version of the Xbox Series X, targeting 1080/1440p rather than 4K/8K.

Whereas the digital PS5 is identical to the regular PS5, just minus the disk drive.

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The Price

Due to the Xbox Series S being a weaker console, it costs $299/£249, whereas the Series X costs $499/£449.

Since the digital PS5 is a regular PS5 without a disk drive, the digital version costs $399/£349, compared to $499/£449.

512GB vs 1TB

Despite being a digital only console, for some reason Microsoft only added a 512GB SSD to the Series S, whereas Sony kept the 1TB SSD in the digital PS5.

Both systems will be able to have their storage expanded.

The Xbox Series X/S will use proprietary expansion slots, with a 1TB expansion costing $219.

xbox series x expanable storage 1tb
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EXPANSION: The new Xbox consoles will use a expansion card which costs $219 for 1TB

It is unclear what the requirements are for the PS5 expansions, as it will use NVME SSDs, but will likely include a minimum speed requirement to be compatible.

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Useable SSD Space

A user on Reddit managed to get hold of a Series S a week early and has shared some details about the new console.

When asked about the useable space on the SSD, it was confirmed there will be 364GB of space for games and apps.

Considering the size of games, with some reaching over 100GB in 2020, 364GB won't get users very far.

This means if you are purchasing the Series S then a 1TB expansion will be essential.

But with them costing $219, it won't be any cheaper than just buying the more powerful Xbox Series X, and at least you can get cheaper games on the used market and trade in games when you're done.